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Return to Harvest Hall. Chapter one (standard:horror, 1592 words)
Author: Brian CrossAdded: Oct 17 2016Views/Reads: 855/469Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Chapter one, sequel to my novel, The Long Gallery. Daisy Truman sets out on a perilous journey to return stolen pension funds that were hidden away in the depths of Harvest Hall.

Return to Harvest Hall 

Daisy Truman cast a glance around the inn, affording the odd nod of
acknowledgement to those looking her way. Returning her gaze to Adam 
without a trace of humour, she said, ‘Nice, so many people turning out 
in my honour—albeit those I haven't seen in a month of Sundays.' Adam 
gave her a wry smile. ‘Unappreciative as ever.' 

‘What's that supposed to mean?' Daisy's blue eyes flashed with
indignation. ‘I'm not unappreciative—they're hangers on, anything for a 
free ...' 

‘Nonetheless, there'll be those sorry to see you go, including me,' Adam
remarked, taking a covert look at the gathering. 

Daisy's eyes lowered to her glass as she swirled the white wine. ‘Needs
be, I've made a vow to return the pension funds people were defrauded 
of. Tracking them down will take time, and then there's the upkeep of 
the estate. All-in-all, there's no choice other than to quit.' 

Adam reached for her arm, saw her resentful glance but gently took it
nonetheless, turning her to face him. ‘I don't like the idea of you 
chasing around the countryside on your own—there are going to be a lot 
of miffed people—not all will be appreciative of your efforts.' Daisy 
shrugged, her curly blonde hair tumbling around her shoulders. ‘So 
then, perhaps I'll need a sidekick.' 

Adam looked open-mouthed. ‘Are you saying you want me to quit this job
and join you?' 

‘Nothing of the sort. After all, you're the first in line for

Daisy drained her glass, placed it on a nearby table, swung away, arms
folded as Adam gave a heavy sigh. ‘Oh, you're just as impossible as 

‘And I'm just as pissed off with this gathering as I ever was. I'll say
my goodbyes.' 

‘If you're thinking of calling a cab, don't bother, I'll drive you

Daisy narrowed her eyes, ‘You've been drinking.' 

Raising his glass, Adam inspected it as though it were a specimen jar.
‘I've hardly had a pint all evening, and besides it's pisswat—‘ 

‘Are you criticising my choice of venue?' 

Adam slapped his forehead, ‘For Ch— 

Daisy's lips curved into a smile. ‘It's okay, I accept your offer.'
Tapping him on the arm, she added, ‘learn to know when I'm joking.' 

‘An impossible task,' Adam muttered beneath his breath, brushing back
his dark, wavy hair and watching Daisy do her rounds, all sweet smiles 
and kisses—except when it came to him. Why was she so close to his 
heart? Did she even realise it? And just what was Daisy getting at? If 
the truth were known, he'd jump at the chance to accompany her. But it 
was clear Daisy was on a mission. The job would need to go, and he'd 
need to fund himself, somehow, and she'd given him the impression his 
attendance wasn't necessary—as always. 


Adam took a quick glance at Daisy, her attractive oval face fixed
straight ahead; she'd been quiet throughout their twenty-minute drive 
to Harvest Hall. Now, as its towers loomed in the distance, Adam turned 
to her— 

‘Keep your eyes on the road.' 

Resisting a howl of frustration, ‘I was merely going to ask when you
intended embarking on this crusade of yours.' 

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