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The vegan allegiance (standard:horror, 5557 words)
Author: Lev821Added: Feb 17 2018Views/Reads: 487/240Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Meat makes fools. Meat rots your mind. Meat is murder. The future is vegan. Join the vegan allegiance.

His heart sank as he saw who walked through the door, but he knew he had
to wear a painted smile. 

"Dad, this is Carrot". 

He had been told he was rather eccentric in a way, not like most people.
He's a bloody hippy, he thought. 

With drainpipe trousers, white trainers, short-sleeve shirt, tied up
dreadlocks, he looked like he'd walked in straight from a festival. 
Carrot stepped across to Ian Russell and shook his hand. 

Yep, as predicted, a wet-fish handshake, he thought. 

"Pleased to meet you," Carrot said, "Elisa's told me so much about you".

"Not the truth, I hope" said Ian. Carrot smiled slightly. 

"I've made us a meal, Elisa said you were a vegetarian". 

"Vegan," he clarified, "If you're going to go without meat you may as
well do it properly. I expelled myself from the school of carnivores 
years ago. I made a clean break. If you are going to quit then quit," 
he made a chopping gesture. "Vegetarians are just playing truant". 

Ian shot Elisa a glance as if to say: 'Who is this head-the-ball?' "Come
on," Elisa said, "What have you cooked up for us?" 

In his small mid-terrace house on the edge of an estate, Ian led them
through into the kitchen where he had laid out a table with three 
plates of food curling steam into the air. 

Ian pointed to one meal. 

"That's yours Carrot. Hope it's to your liking," he took from the fridge
a bottle of mineral spring water and handed it across. 

"Elisa said you only drink water". Carrot nodded. 

"I don't do chemicals," he said. 

Carrot took in what had been laid out before him. Peanut noodles with
garlic pasta and white beans and honey glazed baked potatoes. "Looks 
nice," he said, sitting down. He pointed at the potatoes. "Is that 
honey?" he asked. 

"Yes, we're having the same, I've never had a vegetarian meal before.
Expensive isn't it?" Carrot nodded. 

"Certainly is, but I can't eat them, can't eat honey". He picked up a
knife and segragated the potatoes. He nodded at the rest of the meal, 
giving quiet approval. 

There was silence for a few moments as they all settled and began to

"So," said Ian, "Why are you called Carrot?" "Well, as you can see I'm
quite a skinny guy, and a few years ago I was at the Coachella festival 
in California, so when I got back I had quite the suntan. I was orange, 
and I had my dreadlocks up at the time, and one of my mates, bloody 
meat-eater, said I looked like a big carrot. He found it funny and 
others did as well. 

I didn't, but you know what," he said, pointing his fork, "You know
what, I switched it into a positive. I 'wanted' to be called Carrot, 
and it stuck, now I like it, I turned it on him". "Right," Ian 

"Think your Elisa's gonna be coming round to her senses soon," Carrot
continued. Ian paused his potato on its way to his mouth. "What d'you 

"She's well on her way to becoming a real vegan". 

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