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My Papa, Angel on My Shoulder (standard:other, 2504 words)
Author: SusystarsAdded: May 04 2001Views/Reads: 1728/1097Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My story is true. It is about seeing Angels. My husbands parents died a year apart and I made a promise to take care of them. I did, and now my Papa is here beside me, watching out for me. I see him whenever I am in trouble. He is my Guardian Angel.

“ Papa” Angel On My Shoulder 

My name is Mary and I met my husband, Mark in 1987.  It was love at
first sight.  He was a boss and I was a dealer at a big hotel in Las 
Vegas.  We built a life together working and taking care of his 
parents.  In 1995, we decided to change professions and become truck 
drivers.  We drove for two years, and in 1997 his parents needed help 
so I decided to come home and stay with them, while Mark kept driving.  
About a year later his parents died, we sold the house put everything 
in storage, bought a sail boat and a 30 foot cabin cruiser.  Now we 
stay most of the time onboard our boats at Las Vegas Bay Marina.  The 
peace and tranquility I feel out here, has brought out many (spiritual 
or psychic), which ever you want to call it abilities.  I have always 
been physic, but since I have been at the lake, even more so. 

I was born and raised Catholic and always believed in God, but as I grew
there were many questions the Catholic religion could not answer for 
me.  Now I have my own beliefs, and. talk to people, with an open mind, 
listen to what they have to say, and analyze all their information to 
see where or if it fits my theory.  When people first talk to me, they 
think I am crazy, but I have them wondering and asking questions before 
we are finished. 

My husband and I have been together for 13 years and have never had a
fight, never walked away from each other, and never a bad word to say.  
We are, true soul mates.  He was born, January 21, 1946 and I was born 
December 16, 1947.  If you put them in numbers 1 21 46 and 12 16 47, 
take away the last number for the different years you get 1214 in both, 
add them up you get 8 which happens to be our lucky number.  We crossed 
lives many times through the years, although never meeting, got married 
the same year to different people, had three children the same time, 
they had children the same time, and the last grandchild for both of us 
were each born on a sisters birthday.  I could keep going but it would 
take hours to tell you all the similarities.  I know we will be 
together forever.  Mark is a warm kind man and gets it from his parents 
whom I love more than life. 

His parents were strong people, always did for every one else, until I
came along.  I made a promise I would never put them in a home, I would 
take care of them until they died, and I did just that.  We drove for 
almost one year when we found out that Mark’s father, my Papa, was 
diagnosed with lung cancer and had to have an operation.  We came home, 
talked to his parents, and decided I would take a leave of absence to 
stay with them.  It was tough taking over their home, but we managed.  
I remember driving to the VA Hospital in Los Angles once a month and 
when Papa had his operation, Ethel, Marks mother, and I brought the 
motor home to L.A. and stayed in the parking lot for 7 weeks.  We would 
not leave without him. 

Ethel got sick and it was her turn, she had to be taken to the hospital
once a month, then once a week, and before she died every day.  She had 
a blood disorder, somewhat like leukemia and had to have 1 or 2 pints 
of blood taken out every time we went, so hospitals became a way of 
life.  Mark was still on the road all this time, he would come home 
every 4 or 5 weeks to see us, and back out again. 

They were loving people, but never showed it by giving hugs, until 3
days before Ethel died, I was on my way back to my seat at the kitchen 
table, where we spent the other part of our lives when she called for 
me to come back over to her.  She was frail, about 85 pounds, stood up 
gave me a hug and a kiss and told me that she loved me very much.  It 
meant so much to me I hugged her back for the longest time.  I think 
she knew her time was coming.  I called Mark, and he came home. 

One night I put Papa to bed downstairs because his foot had been
operated on and I didn’t want him going up and down, then I went to 
Ethel’s room to sleep because I knew it wouldn’t be long and I wanted 
to be with her.  I fell asleep.  Ten minutes later, Mark came in and 
woke me to say mom was gone.  I was sad I was not awake when she died.  
When the paramedics came they told me not to feel that way because most 
people wait to die till you were out of the room, which made me feel 
better, at least I was there, right beside her like I had promised. 

Now, Ethel is gone, Mark goes back on the road, and Papa and I are
alone.  I wanted Mark to stay with us, but in my heart, I knew he had 

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