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I Know It Well (standard:poetry, 214 words)
Author: crypticAdded: May 07 2001Views/Reads: 1662/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
you are not alone out there

As I read your poems filled with angst and woe, 

Unfortunately, like a comrade, I am compelled to let you know, 

That your feelings of helplessness, will not disappear as you grow. 

When the images come and you're sure that no one else has ever felt as

Do not lament, for this just isn't so. 

Your weighty burdens sound so familiar, when each second of time is
excruciatingly slow, 

But there will be moments when you'll be glad you held on, even though, 

At that instant you'd do anything for relief, even bury your thoughts
with you in a coffin below. 

For you'll emerge from the dismal fog, even if as fragile as a new born

And you will become stronger, you'll acknowledge your world's glow, 

You'll smell it in the air as the gentle winds blow, 

And you'll feel alive once more, at one with the earth's rhythmic flow. 

But when the darkness returns, life's too familiar foe, 

And the line of  existence is just too difficult to tow, 

Hold fast when those gloomy images in your brain again flow, 

Because there is hope, look around for the wonders, the creations your
individuality sew, 

Wait, let your sentiments take their course, live out your duration, and
see where you may go. 


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