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Jeanie Come Lately (standard:romance, 1035 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Mar 04 2021Views/Reads: 140/30Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Jeanie goes for a job at a factory, but on the way trips over and breaks the heel on one of her shoes. She misses the interview, which turns out to be a blessing in disguise

Jeanie rushed towards the bus stop. She was on her way to a job
interview. She knew she was going to be late. She was hoping the bus 
wouldn't take its time or get held up in the busy traffic. 

Once getting off the bus, she took a short cut along the canal bank,
running, hoping she wouldn't be late. Then she tripped after the heel 
of one of her shoes had broken. Then she heard a voice: 

‘You all right?' the voice asked. 

‘Yeah, I'm fine,' she answered. It was my fault. I shouldn't have been

‘Where you rushing to?' he asked, looking concerned. 

‘To that big factory over there –the one with smoke coming out of the

‘Do you work there?' 

‘No, I've got a job interview. I don't know why I'm bothering. They
reckon the manager is grumpy and a stickler for punctuality, and I'm 
five minutes 'late already.' 

‘I've an idea,' he said, looking into her eyes. 

‘What's that, then?' 

‘Phone them up and tell them the truth and arrange a later appointment.'

‘Will it work?' 

‘Well, it is better than turning up late and you're not telling a lie,
are you?' 

So that is what she did. She got her mobile out of her pocket and phoned
the factory. 

'What did they say?' he asked once she had rung off. 

‘This Thursday at two-thirty and the receptionist said not to worry.' 

‘Told you, didn't I?' 

‘Yeah, you did,' she answered as she went to walk away. But she didn't
get far. He called after her. 

‘Hey, there's a nice pub she across the way. Fancy coming for a drink?' 

‘Oh, I don't know about that,' she answered, looking pensive. 

‘I don't bite, you know, and there are a lot of people about.' 

‘Oh, go on then. Why not.' 

They walked towards the pub. She had been in there a few times, but what
she didn't tell him was that one of her friends worked there and as far 
as Jeanie knew she was working in there at the present time. 

When they got in there, the first person they bumped into was Sandy,
Carrie's friend. 

‘Hi, Jeanie, what are you doing in here? And who is your friend? 

‘Oh, this, oh, sorry, I don't know your name,' Jeanie said to him. 

‘I'm Darren,' he answered, noticing the strange look he was getting off

They spent ages in the pub, just telling themselves about each other.
She couldn't believe how handsome he looked, and she noticed the looks 
he was getting from Sandy, who was at her usual position behind the 

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