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It's A Dog's Life (standard:romance, 998 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Mar 15 2021Views/Reads: 117/23Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Emma goes for a job interview, but things don't go as planned, so she and her friend Stacy come up with an ingenious plan.

Emma scanned the local paper, looking for a job, but nothing, and if
there was she hadn't the qualifications for it, until she spotted one 
job. She soon reached for her phone. 

‘Hi, I'm enquiring about the job advertised in local paper,' she said to
the voice who had answered her call. 

She managed to get an interview at least. And the place advertising the
job was near where she lived. 

When Emma arrived for her interview the next day, she was full of
optimism, until she got called into the office, where sat a grumpy old 
man, who started asking her questions she found difficult to answer. 

‘I'll be in touch,' he said to her once the interview was over. She knew
what that meant – she wasn't going to get the job. Now what was she 
going to do? She needed money. She couldn't expect her mum to keep her 
for nothing. 

On her way home she decided to take a detour and head towards the park
and sit by the river. 

When she got there, she saw one of her mates. 

‘Hi, Emma. You all right?' The mate said to her. 

‘Yeah, I'm fine.' 

‘You don't look it.' 

‘Oh, I've just been for an interview on that new industrial park.
There's a place there that makes cardboard boxes.' 

‘Did a miserable man in his fifties, going grey on top interview you?' 

‘How did you know?' Emma asked shocked. 

‘I went for a job there last week. He said he'd let me know.' 

‘Did he?' 

‘Never heard since. Got an idea though.' 

‘What's that?' 

‘He lives in a big house on the edge of town. I pass it regular. There's
always a dog in the front garden. He's only little. So we take the dog 
and wait for him to post a reward. I've heard he'd do anything where 
that dog is concerned.' 

‘Kidnap a dog? You gotta be kidding.' 

But her friend wasn't. They weren't going to ask for money as a reward,
just a job. 

The next day came, and they headed to the man's house, on the edge of
town and sure enough there was the dog sitting in his usual spot by the 

Emma and her friend stood by the gate pretending to look at their
phones. Then, when they thought the coast was clear, Emma opened the 
gate and her friend coolly slipped a small choker chain around his 

‘Now what we gonna do with him?' Emma asked as they carried on down the

‘Leave him at my sister's friend's house. She lives on her own. Give her
some money for a packet of ciggies and she'll be like putty in our 

They went to Stacy's sister's friend's house, stopping to buy some dog
food and a cuddly toy. 

The next day, they went looking for a reward notice, but no luck there,

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