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There's No Place Like Home (standard:other, 974 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Mar 17 2021Views/Reads: 118/23Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Keli's flat - Apartment is cold, and she can't afford to have the heating on, so she camps out on her friend's door- step, hoping her friend's mum will take her in, then an amazing tur of events happen.

It was one of those days where you just didn't want to get out of bed.
Kelly wanted to hide under her duvet. It had been so cold, and snow was 
forecast, but she had to get up to go to work. 

‘You all right?' her friend asked while they were both waiting for the

‘What do you think? I live in a freezing flat.' 

‘Haven't you got any heating?' 

‘I've got it, I just can't afford to have it on much.' 

‘Come and stay at ours.' 

‘Yeah, I can just see your mum going for that. She hasn't forgiven me
for accidently setting fire to your kitchen.' 

‘That was ages ago. She'd have forgotten that by now.' 

But her friend's mum hadn't. She told Clare that there was no way Kelly
was going to stay with them -  not until Kelly was found outside 
Clare's house in the cold, wrapped in a sleeping bag. 

‘You'd better come in,' Clare's mum said to her. I'll get you a hot
drink; that will warm you up. What happened to your flat, anyway, 

‘The landlord threw me out. I had nowhere to go,' Kelly answered, close
to tears. 

‘He can't just throw you out.' 

‘Well, he did.' 

‘You'll just have to stay here,' Clare's mum said. 

Kelly couldn't believe it. She had found somewhere warm to stay. 

Next day Kelly got ready for work and was waiting at the stop with

‘My mum will go mad when she finds you haven't been thrown out of your
flat,' Clare said as the bus pulled in at the stop. 

‘You worry too much.' 

But when Kelly and Clare got home, Kelly's belongings were on the
doorstep waiting for her. 

‘I want you out of this house now,' Clare's mum said. ‘I've been to see
your landlord, and he assures me that you haven't been thrown out.' 

‘But that flat is cold and damp, and I can't afford to put the heating

‘It's not my problem, Kelly. I want you out.' 

Kelly picked up her stuff and made her way back to her freezing flat,
then started to think of a way to pay for her heating bills. Then, 
looking in the local paper,she saw a part-time Job advertised, so she 
booked an interview. She thought if she could earn some extra money, 
she could afford to put her heating on. 

Then, next day she skipped work and made her way for the interview. She
waited ages to see the manager, but then was told that the vacancy had 
gone. So, Kelly made her way back to her flat, dreading a cold 
afternoon, huddled under her duvet, watching television. But Kelly 
actually spent the afternoon thinking what she could do next. While 
thinking, her phone rang. 

‘Are you still interested in a job?' the voice asked. 

‘Yeah, I'm still interested.' 

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