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My Millennium (standard:romance, 40993 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: May 17 2001Views/Reads: 2265/1975Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About my life in the year 2000 that mainly revolves about my feelings towards my boyfriend.

Saturday January 1, 2000 


Millennium. Everyone had been waiting for this day and everyone was out
enjoying themselves. Except me. I, Anna Chantelle Thomas, was just 
hanging around at home, waiting for the phone to ring. I was hoping 
that my boyfriend, Kevin McFadden would call me, but the phone was 
silent. I had no idea where he was and who was he with. Waiting was 
such a drag. 

Everyone was probably enjoying themselves on New Year’s Eve. I guess I
had fun, but I was rather disappointed because I was not able to 
celebrate the New Year with Kevin. On New Year’s Eve, since everyone 
was rather busy with their millennium parties, my friend, Karen Samson 
and I decided to watch a movie as we did not have any parties to go to. 
That night, I picked Karen up at her house and we went to the theatres. 

“So, what movie do you think we should watch?” Karen asked. 

“Emm..You choose,” I said. 

I could not be bothered about what movie to watch. I just wanted to get
over New Year’s Eve. I was so upset that I could not be with Kevin. It 
was because Kevin did not plan to go back home that night, and I could 
not possibly do that. My parents would kill me. They were way too 
conservative. If I were to tell them that I am going to spend the night 
somewhere else instead of home, they would definitely freaked out. 

“The Bachelor looks good. Wanna catch that one?” Karen asked  while I
was starring at the screen, which listed the movies that were currently 

“Chris O’ Donnell?” I asked, looking up at Karen. 

Karen nodded. “Yup, and Renee something, you know the one in Jerry

“Oh, Renee Zewellger. Okay, sounds good, let’s buy the tickets.” 

After we bought the tickets, we were interrupted by a bunch of guys who
wanted to sell off one of the tickets to the Cool Planet party. Too bad 
we had to decline. I really wanted to go to that party, it seemed like 
a great way to start off the millennium. The price of the ticket was 
rather costly, so I chose not to go. So much for that. 

The movie started at around 9.15 pm. It was pretty romantic and had such
a sweet ending. I really enjoyed it. Although I wished I was seeing it 
with Kevin instead. 

After the movie, since Karen and I did not have anywhere else to go, we
went over to our friend’s house, Alicia Peterson. When we reached 
there, all of us greeted each other ‘Happy New Year’. Alicia was with 
her boyfriend, Logan Billman. Somehow, Alicia’s mom did not allow her 
to go out that night. I was not sure why. 

“How come you are here, Logan? I thought that you were out partying
somewhere,” Karen asked, curious. 

“My girlfriend is not going out anywhere, so I am here to be with her,”
Logan answered, smiling at Alicia. 

Alicia smiled back. 

How sweet. I wished Kevin had a mind like Logan. 

“How was the movie? What movie did you guys watched?” Alicia asked,
looking towards Karen and I. 

“We watched The Bachelor. That was the only new movie. It was great,
though,” I told Alicia. 

“Yeah, and Chris O’Donnell was extremely hot,” Karen joined in. All of
us laughed. 

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