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RUSTY THE SINGING HORSE (standard:fairy tales, 828 words)
Author: raybuteAdded: May 21 2001Views/Reads: 2479/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about a horse that could sing and dance only when he saw himself in the mirror.


Rusty was a beautiful brown horse with a shiny coat. He lived on a farm
with Old Man Farmer and Farmer Martha. He was the apple of their eye. 
Rusty was special, he was special because he could sing and dance. He 
would only sing and dance when he saw himself in the mirror. Only old 
Man Farmer knew of Rusty's talent because whenever he would deliver the 
hay he would back his truck into the barn permitting Rusty to see 
himself in the mirror. It  would shine so bright on Rusty that he would 
prance around with such glee "La La La La " he would sing and with each 
note he would dance. He would dance around and around. It took Old Man 
farmer by such surprise. He would hurry back into the truck and to the 
farm house to get Farmer Martha. "Martha, Martha" he called "Come see 
Rusty sing and dance." "Oh hush old man" Farmer Martha said."It's time 
to take a break, you've been working much to hard." "No, please believe 
me" Old man Farmer pleaded. "Come, come to the barn and see for 
yourself."  They both walked to the barn. "Well" Farmer Martha says "as 
I figured he's eating his hay." "Rusty" Old Man Farmer said, "please 
sing and dance again." Rusty continued to eat his hay. "Well old man" 
Farmer Martha says. "I think it's time you see a doctor." Old Man 
Farmer looks so dissappointed because he knows he has told Farmer 
Martha so many times but it only ended in dissappointment and 

Farmer Martha was concerned about Old Man Farmer so she took him to the
doctor. Th doctor ordered Old Man Farmer to rest. "No more work for a 
while," the doctor said. Old Man Farmer was dissappointed once again 
because he enjoyed caring for his farm, so he made a deal with Farmer 
Martha. He would care for the inside of the house he she would take 
care of the farm, Farmer Martha agreed. Old Man Farmer wanted to see if 
Rusty would sing and dance for her. 

One day Farmer Martha was backing the truck in the barn to deliver some
hay for the animals, she couldn't believe it. She got out of the truck 
and stood in such a daze. "It's true it's really true! Rusty really can 
sing and dance." She got back into the truck and hurried to the farm 
house with such excitement. "It's true!" she told Old Man Farmer. 
"Rusty can really sing and dance." "I told you, let's tell the doctor." 
They drove into town to get the doctor. When the three of them returned 
to the farm they walked to the barn only to see Rusty eating his hay. 
The doctor was very angry because he was disturbed from his busy 
schedule. "One more prank like that and I will see to it that you will 
never care for this farm again!" 

The next day Old Man Farmer and Farmer Martha were in the barn trying to
get Rusty to sing and dance. They even began to sing and dance 
themselves but Rusty payed them no attention. Their little neighbor 
Tammy came in and asked what were they doing. Old Man Farmer said "we 
are trying to get Rusty to sing and dance." "Horses can't sing or 
dance" Tammy replied. "But this horse is special he has lots of talent" 
Farmer Martha replied. The farmers were so tired and out of breath they 
left the barn. 

Tammy began to rub and pat Rusty, she also told him how beautiful he was
he enjoyed the attention. She told him she would put on a dance show 
for him so she reached into her purse to get her lipstick, she applied 
it with her little mirror. With that little mirror Rusty saw himself 
and began to sing and dance. "La La La La" Rusty sang as he danced 
around in circles. Tammy was so frighted she ran home to tell her 

The next day the doctor came over to apologize to the farmers for being
so angry. Tammy and her parents came over as well. "Tammy is convinced 
that Rusty can sing and dance" Tammy's mother said. Emotionally, "he 
can!" Old Man Farmer responded. "He really can sing and dance." So 
everyone went to the barn. Rusty wouldn't do anything but eat his hay. 
The doctor asked Tammy "exactly what were you doing when he began this 
charades." Tammy replied "I was looking in my mirror putting on my 
lipstick." She passes the mirror to the doctor. Rusty saw himself in 
the mirror and sure enough he began to sing and dance. Everyone was so 
surprised. "Remarkable" said the doctor. "See doctor" Old Man Farmer 
said "there's nothing wrong with us after all." 

A week later the farm bacame a tourist attraction, everyone came from
all around to see Rusty the singing and dancing horse. 


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