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Midnight's shadow (standard:poetry, 0 words)
Author: UnsunAdded: Jun 04 2001Views/Reads: 1800/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I would describe this poem as one that should be read.

Midnight's Shadow 

I am the coming storm, 

The rumbling thunder, that growls it's death rattle with blood red
lightning and the shrieks of gods. Hail and sleet to sting the skin, 
drawing up welts of memories forgotten, and to curdle marrow in the 

The predator has come to feed, the loss of innocence.... brings me
closer to those who were once innocent. 

I am the death of Helios 

I am earthy Cimmerian midnights shadow. Palpable darkness. hear the
sweet symphony of oblivion, only prophets and sages can hear the 
cantrips and serenades of the abyss. 

I am the harbinger of rest. Sleep young felon, close your eyes and let
sleep soften your cherubic face and calm your lithe, deft fingers. When 
you sleep I shall pry the dagger from your hand and clean it for thee. 
Murderer and theft are you, all of you. Sleep well now for you have 
earned a moments respite. 

I am the son of Ragnarok, 

Gods and mortals end where gods and mortals begin. The fields of Elysia
have now flooded, the mournful song of the phoenix entwines itself 
among your sleeping flesh. The barbs of mortality are now seeded in the 
flesh of lost innocence, and the battle begins again. 

I am god undone and mortal made. 

I am one of two silver panes, one time the other truth, we face each
other, we always have, born into a twisted staring match surrounded by 
myths and mortals we watch as eternity burns it's way through one more 
cycle. All the while one mirror reflects another, and another and 
another and on and on into darkness. 

I am midnights shadow, as are you.


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