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The Cause of the Separation (standard:poetry, 0 words)
Author: ThorAdded: Jun 09 2001Views/Reads: 2043/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Another poem coming from a writing prompt in school, but I like this one

Nothing exists, but atoms and the void. -I'm gonna say Lucretius until
someone tells me otherwise 

No beginning and no end. 

The Universe, I mean. 

I must rejoin that Universe 

Knowledge puts up that blockade 

Starchild he may be 

Can't I be? 

Simply be. 

Be simply. 

Everything and nothing. 

Know all. Know nothing. 


I strut and fret my hour 

Upon this stage 

And have my 


Of systematic contemplation. 

There is the consolation 

If others had not been so foolish 

We should be so 


Poor consolation it is 

And I shall die and 

Go back from whence I came 

And my hour shall be done 

And never shall I be one. 

So I persist in living 

So I continue to learn 

So I regret the first time 

My eyes gave me knowledge 

Of this little stage.


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