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Hysteria (standard:mystery, 0 words)
Author: Ben CAdded: Jun 30 2001Views/Reads: 2121/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about a woman who goes insane after trying vigorously to find out what is "hunting" her down. While she is with her Husband

Ron and Elenor entered the museum on this hot humid, muggy day. It had
been plenty years since Elenor had ever been to the museum. What made 
this musuem different was that it was empty, there were very few 
visitors for its size. They made it in time before it closed. As Elenor 
started to walk towards the gallery she heard a feint clicking sound. 
Ron caught a glimpse of the sound but not enough to take away his 
attention from the paintings. 

As elenor moved quicker the sound clicked faster, Ron was too busy to
notice. She then walked near the opening of the museum,this time the 
clicking got LOUDER, she shrieked. "whats wrong honey?" Ron asked 
inquisitively.  " I hear this loud clicking sound whenever I walk 
somewhere." she replied with a shaky tremble in her voice. "It quiets 
down when I am in the hall, I think we are being watched". Ron wasn't 
sure what to do if he started to run this "thing" might attack them and 
eat their spaghetti insides. 

He then told her to walk real slow. "Ok" she replied emphathetically.
The clicking went then she started to bolted CLICK .CLICK .CLICK. 
CLICK. CLICK. CLICK. CLICK. CLICK she screamed in horror. This "thing" 
is going to eat me. I cannot bear to live any longer. She then looked 
at the nearest exit it was a window she didn't care to notice it was a 
three story drop , she raced for it Ron then noticed something that 
made it all come together but before he could say something....SMASH. 
She flew like a bird but landed like a bomb her body dented the 
pavement. Her head had bursted like a watermellon. Ron shrieked in 
horror as he was about to tell her that it was the sandal on her foot 
that created all this hysteria!


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