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"Me,Joe and Marilyn Monroe" (standard:humor, 0 words)
Author: denis holzhauserAdded: Jul 06 2001Views/Reads: 2710/1648Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Many years ago Joe Dimaggio and I played a very short game of pitch and catch,neither Joe or I knew Marilyn at that time,I threw her in to get your attention.

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"Well I'd bet even money they're probably in better shape than you are."

"Tell Mom I'm outside."I said as I started out the door,Dad didn't

At the doctor's office,he just put my hand in a splint,with my fingers
stretched out,and taped everything together,said he wanted to see me 
again in a week and that was that. 

On the drive home,Mom gave me a lecture on manners and behavior,I kept
saying,"Yes Ma'am" and "No Ma'am, through the whole damned thing.She 
was a great lady,small and dainty and loving.I loved her then and I 
love her now,years after she past away. 

A couple of days later,the guys came by to see if I wanted to catch a
movie at the neighborhood theater.We trudged in and sat in the back 
watching the end of the movie we had come to see.When it had ended,we 
laughed at the cartoon,made loud snoring noises at the previews,and 
generally acted like idiots.The manager of the movie house was the 
father of the guy sitting next to me and making the most noise.There 
was me,him and two other buddies,together watching the cartoons,than 
the news and finally a local short that featured the different events 
that had happened in town in the past week or so.It was sponsored by 
Coca Cola and finished with the slogan,"And Coca Cola was there".We had 
seen hundreds of them,but this one made us sit up straight,it was the 
game,and at the end when the announcer said"And Coca Cola Was There",It 
showed as the last scene our  mass of swarming  bodies fighting for 
that damned baseball.We stomped our feet,whistled and shouted,really 
making asses of our selves,but it was with joy and excitement. 

The manager came and said he was going to put us out,but his son told
him if he did,he,the son,was going to tell his mother that he,the 
dad,had a girl friend,his Dad started laughing,told us to hold it down 
and left.Everybody but me,started to give and get high fives,but I 
wouldn't let anyone touch my hand. 

I'm now in my seventies,the hand was broken,but never set.I've several
fingers that point in different directions,and sometimes when it rains 
for a few days,the hand begans to hurt like hell,but all in all,it was 
one of the best days of my life,I was with my friends,most now gone,I 
ran with Joe DiMaggio,a guy famous enough to have a song about him,and 
who married Marilyn Monroe,one of the most beautiful women to ever 

Looking back,I only have one regret,I just wish I had held on to that
damned ball. 

The End 


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