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Shining Eyes (standard:poetry, 0 words)
Author: UnsunAdded: Jul 08 2001Views/Reads: 1845/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Here's a poem for those of you who just can't seem to stand negativity.I wrote it for my girlfriend while she was away on a trip... enjoy.

Amber eyes float in the darkness. Endless golden brewed patterns swirl
in those eyes. Swirling and lofting about in gentle feminine curves.In 
truth to call them patterns is to diminish them. They are beyond me, 
they are beyond words, they are indeed beyond anything I have ever 
seen. And even knowing as I do that I cannot do them justice, those 
swirling amber green pools of love and beauty and downright ferocity, I 
cannot prevent myself from trying. 

They are crystalline. They refract the light , they change the lights
very nature. And in so changing the light they change themselves. Amber 
now, sweet heavenly sunlight in two simple livid pools, frightening and 
captivating. The sun has appeared before me and I cannot look away. 
Green now a light apple green, waxen and utterly enchanting. The green 
of fantasies a forest that never dies.  Earthen, rich with the sparkle 
of life yet unseen. The color of a step not yet taken. 

This multiplicity draws me. Always have I been drawn to simple things.
The inspiration held within a leaf or a single word. Complexity seemed 
to bring nothing but confusion and bewilderment. I would stumble about 
confused and nearly panicked, with no way to admire what was placed 
before me. To many paths confuse the eye. And here I have something 
which contains such complexity as I have never seen, and still I find 
it captivating. 

Here are two delicate ovals that change the light and world around them.
And their changes are rapid and varied one minute cold, ice eyes that 
have forgotten what they are, the next the touch of their gaze burns 
like fire. The means to predict them is beyond me, beyond any that I 
have met. Will their glance be a blessing or a curse, I will have to 
wait and see. Neither god nor mortal knows what lies within a womans 

The lofty swirls and shifting tides of those eyes have kept me
captivated. They are perplexing and astounding and I shall never forget 
the time I have spent admiring, or fearing them. Even when they are 
beyond my reach, as they are now, floating in the darkness, they hold 
me still with bated breath. 

Neither god nor mortal knows what lies within a womans heart, nor shall
any ever know, perhaps not even the woman herself, but I shall seek the 
answer happily.


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