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The Storage (standard:horror, 0 words)
Author: Casey PoncianoAdded: Jul 14 2001Views/Reads: 2165/1188Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Michael didn't like the new house they were moving to. But what gave him the creeps was the old strage beside the house. He wondered what lurked inside of it. He would soon find out and it would change his life forever.

“Is this it?” I asked my mother as we arrived at our new house. 

“Yes it is, Michael,” she replied.  It was a nice house, but it looked
too small for a family of six. 

“Mom, it’s too little,” I told her.  And because it was a small house,
it meant that I would have to share a room with one of my brothers. 

“Michael, this is just for right now.  It well have to do until I find a
better job,” my father replied.  He was recently laid off from his 
previous job.  He worked at a denim factory as a supervisor for ten 
years, but a new owner bought the factory and decided to close it down. 
 And my father had found another job.  He was employed at a grocery 
store as night manager in town.  He didn’t make as much as he did at 
the denim factory, but it was enough to keep us on our feet.  We 
planned to move to Lubbock, but I had one more year to graduate at 
Abernathy High School, so we decided to stay another year.  Besides, 
sometimes it was hard to attend a new high school.  Abernathy was a 
nice town, but it was too small for me.  I was ready to graduate and go 
to college in Lubbock.  I’d miss all of my friends, but that was life.  
Girlfriends, I didn’t have to worry about.  I didn’t have one because I 
didn’t want to be like my friend, Matthew.  He had a girlfriend and 
they were together for five years.  He was graduating with me and he 
was going to attend a college somewhere in Ohio.   His girlfriend was a 
year behind us.  She wouldn’t graduate school until the next year.  So 
there was a lot of pressure and drama between their relationship.  
Sometimes I would have to see that drama when we went out.  I’m glad I 
wasn’t in one. 

“How many rooms does the house have?” I asked my parents as we pulled
into the driveway.  It looked better closer then it did faraway.  I 
missed my old house.  My brothers and I had our own rooms.  But maybe I 
would be able to adjust to the new house.  I knew I would have to 
compromise with Thomas because he was the brother next to me and I knew 
he would share rooms with me.  How can a seventeen year old share rooms 
with a twelve year old?  We’d have to see. 

“I think it has three rooms,” my father replied. 

“Man,” I said. 

“Michael, remember this is temporarily.  I’m sure you and Thomas will
get along in a room.  Besides next year, you’d be living in the dorms 
at Tech,” he said.  And he was right.  The next year, I was moving to 
the dorms at Tech.  I was great at school.  I was a straight ‘A’ 
student and I received an academic scholarship for Texas Tech.  But, I 
didn’t know want I wanted to be.  Until then, I’d share rooms with 

Thomas looked at me and smiled.  I saw the dimples on his face as he
did.  He had brown hair and brown eyes to match.  He was scrawny little 
thing, but I loved him. 

“Alright, everybody get off,” my mother said and every body got off the
station wagon.  I stopped in the front of the station wagon and looked 
at the house.  It looked okay from the front.  But looks can be 
deceiving.  I needed to see how the inside looked. 

“Let’s go inside, mommy.”  Thomas said. 

“Yeah, mommy,” David said as he tucked on my mother’s arm.  David was
two years younger than Thomas was.  Everybody said David was a smaller 
version of my father because he looked like him when he was a child.  
He had blond hair and blue eyes.  But he looked like ‘Dennis the 
Menace’ to me.  And he was, sometimes. 

“Okay guys,” my mother replied.  We walked to the front door.  My father
inserted his left hand into his left pocket and reached for the keys. 

“Come on daddy.”  David said.   Dad was having a hard time getting the
keys out.  As he reached for them in his pocket, I looked at the left 
side of the house.  I noticed that beside the house there was a small 
storage.  But it was a wreck.  There weren’t any windows and broken 
boards replaced them.  The outside of the house had maroon paint, which 
were falling in pieces. You could see the actual color of the storage, 

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