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In a Fit of Anger... (standard:drama, 1105 words)
Author: Amber WaltersAdded: Jul 21 2001Views/Reads: 2493/1395Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of a long friendship between two women challenged by a disagreement.

In A Fit of Anger... 

by Gerry Watters 

Vera watched Margo from the grimy window of the train station.  Margo
paced back and forth on the platform; an imposing figure in an 
expensive, red leather trench coat.  Everything about Margo was large - 
her 5'10" inch frame - never thin, just solid - but mostly her 
demeanor.  Margo never took a back seat to anyone.   They were 
opposites, Vera, petite and reserved versus the outgoing, assertive 
Margo.  Vera had often contemplated how they became such fast and close 
friends given the vast differences in personality.  Only with Margo, 
Vera had not felt so shy and retiring, Margo had brought out the best 
in Vera.  Vera sighed, thinking, 'and now here we are' - no longer 
speaking because of a discussion that had escalated into an ugly 
argument.  Vera recalled the awful scene two weeks ago at Margo's 

"Well, you know it was bound to happen.  Oh, how the mighty have
fallen..." Margo laughed sadly and sarcastically - swallowing her 
cognac quickly and almost immediately reaching for the bottle again. 

"Is it wise to have another?"  Vera quietly inquired. 

"Is it wise to have another?"  Margo mocked.  "My refined and quiet
little friend, I'm quite sure that I don't give a fuck about what's 
wise in this particular moment at this particular time." 

Vera smiled - wanting to ease Margo's tension. 

"So, it's like that, is it?"  This time imitating the vernacular of her

Margo laughed - recognizing Todd's line and desperately wanting to
lighten the moment. 

"Yeah, it's like that." 

Margo fell into her favorite chair and sipped her drink.  Very
determined to become very drunk on this far from perfect evening. 

"You know my problem is, and has always been, my weakness for sweet,
young things." 

Vera studied Margo's stunning, caramel-colored face.  The large almond
shaped brown eyes, the prominent, straight nose and the full mocha 
colored lips. 

"And it took you over 20 years to tell your best friend that those
sweet, young things happened to be of the female persuasion?  You have 
a talent for keeping secrets."   Vera stated carefully. 

Margo laughed again - feeling the effects of the alcohol. 

"But surely you heard the ugly whispers such as 'dyke bitch'.  You just
were too loyal to confront me, Vee." 

"No, I always figured if there was anything to that nasty gossip, you
would come out and tell me.  You've never been one to beat around the 
bush, Margo." 

Realizing her choice of words, the two pairs of eyes locked.  Vera
smiled widely - never one to miss an opportunity to one up Margo. 

"However, as I have so recently been informed, you do have a certain
fondness for the...." 

Vera didn't complete the sentence, instead she joined Margo's hysterical
laughter, sensing they both needed it. 

Once the laughter had subsided, Margo turned serious again. 

"But you never really wanted to know the answer, did you Vee?  You would
have had to rethink everything and try to make order out of what you 
determined was disorder.  It would have upset your apple cart too 

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