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The Kiss That Killed By (standard:horror, 695 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Aug 01 2001Views/Reads: 2213/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A horrific yet romantic tale that is one creamy mesh of every readers fantasy.


Why had he left Sara all alone? With only her teddy bear to reoncile
her. Salty, warm tears streamed down her face knowing the path at which 
they fell by heart. She groggily got her heavy head off the now 
drenched pillow. She squeezed her teddy bear again. It was too hard to 
even think about it now, but her mind forced her too. 

It had happened to fast. With one call, it had changed her whole life.
Kris was her boyfriend for now 2 1/2 years. She had known him when she 
was three. She remembered her being so mad at him for teasing her 
mercilessly when they were younger. Pulling her pigtails was the only 
effection he could give her at that age. She remembered growing up with 
him. There first day of Junior high had been a blast... because they 
had been together. He was her best friend, he would always be. 

She remebered their first kiss. It was the summer before nineth grade.
She had invited him over to play basket ball. After a long, sweaty game 
she was quite happily surprised that she had won. It was the first time 
she had won and she teased him saying that he lost to a girl. As she 
went to go get a pop out of the garage fridge he followed her, and when 
she spun around to offer him a drink they stood only millimeaters 
apart. There noses touching. She had looked into his eyes, those golden 
brown flicked eyes and then her eyes had lingered down to his lips his 
soft, smooth lips. And they had kissed in the warmth of the garage. It 
was an aqward kiss with her arms not quite dangling at her sides still 
holding the two sodas and his arms just barely touching her face. She 
still remembered that moment and she would never forget it. 

Her mind then wandered to their first dance. They had been going out
ever sinse their first kiss, after all it seemed only natural back then 
in junior high that if you kissed a girl, she was yourse. And he more 
than owned up to that responsibility. She was waring a short light blue 
dress and he was wareing a cute black suite. They looked like the 
perfect couple Sara's dark ocean blue eyes and his golden brown flicked 
ones. His dark hair and her almost black hair. They acted like the 
perfect couple looking into eachother's eyes lovingly and sharing many 
moonlit kisses. They were the perfect couple now that she thought about 
it. Key word were. 

She returned back to reality with a hard and heavy blow. Kris was dead.
He had been dead for a week. There was nothing she could do to change 
that No one in the small town of Meridian, Idaho could bring him back 
and no one in the universe could bring him back but God. She refused to 
relent against the stone hard truth. 

Then another sob hit her chest and she struggled to breath as she
recalled the night when she had heard the phone beep its sign of 
another call coming in. She was talking to her best friend Rachel. 

"Hold on a sec Rach another calls coming in. Wait, why don't I just call
you back kay?" 

"Okay call me back later tonight," Rachel hung up as Sara Flashed to the
other line. 

"Hello?" Her sweet bell voice rang out in a questioning tune. 

"Hello is this Sara?" Sara recognised that it was Kris's mother Tanya.
She had the most meloncholy voice Sara had heard as she talked in a 
slow monotone. 

"This is she," Sara retorted almost too anxiously. There was a long

"Sara, this is Tanya, I don't know how to tell you," Tanya let out a
whail  that didn't permit her to finish her sentence. After a muffled 
minute of back ground noise Sara was almost dieing as a million 
thoughts ran through her head. 

"Tanya what's the matter?" She had said in a worried voice. 

"Kris is dead," That was all she needed to hear. The blackness enveloped
her as she faited. 


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