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A Very Rare Find (standard:mystery, 2576 words)
Author: SpotlightAdded: Aug 04 2001Views/Reads: 2865/1996Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Back again, with more editting. About Detectives and Heaven and hell and Disturbed Grandmas.

A Very Rare Find Spotlight 

25 days ago, two children may have been alive.  Half their bodies, were
cut-up decomposing on a tree, legs gone.   Stretch marks across their 
faces showed that at time of death, some person had grabbed their skin 
and pulled, forming, blueish purple slashes at the cheeks.  Dried blood 
was imbedded into the tree around them.  Someone had rubbed their 
bloody stumps against the bark like sandpaper.  And they were not 

Two yards away from the tree, on the ground, lightly floating on a patch
of green grass, was the killer.  One clean bullet was through the head; 
a clean hole, with one trickle of dried blood.  No blood stains on a 
sundress.  Handgun in hand.  Her eyes were open.  She was looking up at 
the clouds when she died.  The coroner flashed pictures. 

The long search for the missing children ended here, with this dead
grandmother.  Her body was still, a smile on her face, a face-reddening 
smile, with the corner of her mouth revealing dentured teeth relaxedly 

Cindy Lazaruth: she looked like his grandma.  She looked like anyone's
grandma, warm, and inviting, the homely smell of potpourri and old-lady 
overpowering any aroma of stagnant death.  His hand come-hered the 
small crowd of awestruck police. 

"Lets bag her up."  Jake said nonchalantly.  His demeanor was stoic,
stone-faced to the ripped souls, splayed across the tree.  The scene 
was already blocked from his mind, his level eyes staring at the warm 
face of the grandma, smiling.  A cold-blooded killer lay before him, 
and yet she seemed so at peace, arms crossed about her stomach in a 
tomb of grass. 

The original call, 25 days ago, was from a hysterical parent, and three
people were deemed missing, most likely kidnapped.  A search headed by 
Jake, surveyed the surrounding houses, local businesses and relatives 
of the family, yet nothing resulted from the extensive questioning.  
The search went on for almost four weeks, Jake losing hope, solemnly 
committing himself to the fact that no one would ever be found.  There 
was no evidence of struggle, no strange footprints or fingerprints, no 
leads whatsoever. 

As hope dwindled, a neighbor of Cindy's on her drive home from work,
reportedly spied the two children and Cindy together, entering Cindy's 
BMW.  Before she had a chance to park and greet them, the car was 
speeding West down the suburbs.  Luckily, a BMW was discovered deep 
inside Mt. Holly Springs Municipal Park by a local policeman the 
following day.  Jake was contacted immediately. 

Once more his eyes surveyed the smiling face as the zipper of a black
rubber bag was opened.  Some men in paramedic uniforms crowded around 
to either side of Cindy, pulling the bag underneath her. 

Jake lifted the woman's head, cradling it between his hands.  His
fingers felt the jellowy brain give underneath his fingers, a sensation 
of quicksand and disgust swallowing the tips into her skull.  He kept 
his composure, letting go of the grainy coagulation, but feeling his 
hands begin to bore further inside against his struggles.  Bones 
cracked as white blood dripped up his arms, defying gravity, curling 
around his elbows; the paramedics worked, unnoticeing.  Screaming 
unnaturally, the white, changed pink, then purpled, crawling beneath 
his shirt and tie, screaming up his chest.  His whole body shuddered 
and was quickly forced through her brain, gel and muscle-like tissue 
exploding outward. 

Then, a perfect living room.  Doilies covered tables, soft brown
couches, a piano bench, shelves, a Televison, while dried flowers lined 
the walls and candies lay dormant in crystal jars.  Candles illuminated 
the room, along with standing lamps, accenting the beige colored walls 
and tan flooring.  Handcrafted gifts from countless grandchildren and 
professional basket weavers, filled the room, giving it a sense of 
cluttered beauty.  Homecooked meal aroma wafted from unknown corners of 
the closed room.  No doors were present, only windows covered in 
pinkish lace that tinted and gleamed in the orange afternoon sun.  Jake 
seated himself behind a coffee table with a pile of Handcraft 

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