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Italy (standard:romance, 1067 words)
Author: dancing_voodooAdded: Aug 11 2001Views/Reads: 2298/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The sun was sparkling on the azure Mediterranean Sea as I woke up and gazed at the view through the slits in the Venetian blind. Nothing could be more perfect, except for the man lying next to me. He was still asleep after a night of passionate love


The sun was sparkling on the azure Mediterranean Sea as I woke up and
gazed at the view through the slits in the Venetian blind.  Nothing 
could be more perfect, except for the man lying next to me.  He was 
still asleep after a night of passionate love. The villa in Italy had 
been a great idea for a week away to be by ourselves, and enjoy each 
other in peace.  The location was amazing.  A large white tiled balcony 
home to tropical plants and a hot tub overlooked the blue sea, and a 
small-secluded beach.  The villa itself was very spacious, complete 
with central courtyard entered into through large marble arches leading 
to the fountain centrepiece with a statue of Aphrodite. As the sun rose 
higher, the light filtered through the blind lighting the room.  I lay 
back on the crisp white duvet and admired the large four-poster bed.  
Jon rolled over next to me woken by the light.  I turned and lay my 
head on his chest, our bodies now totally entwined.  He whispered into 
my ear, “Last night was great!” and softly stroked my hair.  This had 
to be heaven as I drifted off to sleep again. I awoke again at 
lunchtime, still tired from the night before and the flight into Italy. 
 Jon had got up earlier and made lunch.  I ventured downstairs still 
with nothing on, to meet Jon in the kitchen in just his boxers.  After 
kissing passionately for five minutes, I slipped into my silk dressing 
gown and sat down to lunch.  Jon was such a strong kisser, always 
caressing my mouth and tongue with his; it made me feel so alive. After 
changing into my bikini we headed down to the beach.  It was completely 
deserted, as there was no other direct access.  I lay in the white sand 
as Jon massaged sun cream in to my back.  The sand had got everywhere 
including in the sun cream, but this combined with the massage gave an 
amazing sensation with the roughness of the sand combined with the 
softness of the movement.  As his hands explored my back he gently 
untied my bikini and as I stood up it fell away.  We spent the 
afternoon in the clear blue sea, making love in the warm water.  It 
seemed far more erotic in the sea compared to the night before.  Our 
bodies suspended and floating in unison, the waves and tide mirroring 
our rhythm.  We relaxed on the beach for the rest if the day, then 
watched the sunset as it sank into the water.  We were together, 
holding each other close on our own at last.  It seemed like paradise, 
like it couldn’t be real, but it was! 

* 	* 	* 

The week continued and there was never a moment when this paradise
seemed to disappear.  We were discovering so much more about each 
other, always exploring different more exciting and more sensual ways.  
Always teasing each other just to the limit, then enjoying passionate 
and erotic love.  We were always surprising each other with new ideas, 
but the biggest surprise of all came on the last night of the 

*	*	* 

We had arranged to go out for dinner and had booked the most exclusive
restaurant in the area.  It was the first chance I’d had to wear the 
new red dress I’d bought in Rome earlier in the week.  It was made of 
long red satin with a low cut neckline, and a revealing high slit up 
the centre of the dress.  Wearing it felt so sexy.  I never usually 
complimented myself but for once I actually admitted I looked good. My 
first surprise was the restaurant itself.  It was no ordinary 
restaurant but a huge open-air ancient amphitheatre illuminated by 
thousands of candles.  The surroundings were so atmospheric, combined 
with faint sounds of music in the background.  In some ways I couldn’t 
wait to get back to the villa to be with Jon alone! After a luxury meal 
we made our way back.  Jon was unusually quiet on the journey to the 
villa.  I wondered what was up; it had been such a great evening.  As 
we stepped out of the taxi Jon held me back from walking straight into 
the villa.  He reached into his jacket, “Put this on” he whispered 
seductively into my ear.  He passed me a black velvet blindfold.  Now I 
was really intrigued and also very excited!  I put on the blindfold and 
Jon led me carefully towards the entrance, caressing my neck with 
kisses as we walked.  An exotic smell hit me as we entered into the 
courtyard, the smell of burning incense.  He eventually led me all the 
way to the balcony, where he removed the blindfold.  I gasped in 
amazement as I looked around.  The hot tub was turned on and steaming, 
candles surrounded the balcony and small white lights were entwined 
within the plants that sparkled through the dense leaves.  It was so 
magical almost like something from a movie! “How?”  I asked Jon.  “It’s 
amazing!”  He had organised for someone to come in and set this up 
while we were at the restaurant, “I wanted to make our last night here 
unforgettable!” he replied.  And it certainly was!! 

*	*	* 

We turned and kissed, slowly at first but becoming quickly more
passionate as I undid his shirt and he slipped off my dress.  We both 
stepped into the bubbling hot tub and sank down into the warm water. I 
positioned myself in front of him, my legs wrapped around his waist.  
Jon lent forward, his mouth positioned on my nipple.  He began to suck, 
his tongue moving in a circular motion, then biting down gently.  I let 
out a groan of pleasure.  I could feel that he had become hard and I 
positioned myself above him, slowly lowering my body onto his.  We made 
love for what seemed like hours. I lay back in the water, looking up at 
the stars above in the open sky.  Tonight had been my perfect fantasy 
realised. We went back indoors and made love one more time in the 
four-poster bed.  This holiday had been more than perfect.  I turned to 
Jon to whisper how wonderful he had been but he was already asleep.  I 
rolled over to join him.  I would tell him in the morning... 


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