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Facade (standard:horror, 491 words)
Author: AraciaAdded: Sep 24 2000Views/Reads: 2921/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Enter the facade. Can you figure out what's reality and what's not.


He smiled at the little girl. So beautiful with her long brown hair and
blue eyes. Her face was that of an angel. He reached for her but, she 
quickly disappeared. He fought back the tears and whispered " how 
quickly they grow up". 

He closed his eyes and thought of her birth. His beautiful Christine. Oh
how her mother had screamed. He chuckled as the memories poured in. He 
could hear her like it was yesterday "Tom, you will never lay a hand on 
me again". How he had tried to calm her through her pain. 

Opening his eyes he saw his beloved Catherine watching him. She had just
the slightest smile playing upon her delectable lips. He smiled at her 
and the memories flowed again. 

The lovely field where they had been married so many years ago. The
flowers covering the green grass. How her hair had glistened in the 
sun. Her white gown blowing gently in the breeze. He sadly watched as 
the memory faded. Seeing his Catherine turning away from him and 

He closed his eyes and cringed at the bright light. It made it so hard
for him to think. However, it had also become strangely comforting in 
its dependability. 

Opening his eyes he saw his angel, Christine. He called for her reaching
his hand to her. She slowly walked towards him smiling her heavenly 
innocent smile and grabbed his outstretched hand. Suddenly the image 
faded and his head was filled with his own screams. The pain seered 
through his every fiber. He opened his eyes and screamed looking into 
the light. 

He slowly lifted his head from the cold table and saw his Catherine with
a protective arm around Christine in the corner of the room. They 
looked so sad. He didn't understand why they were so sad. He watched as 
they turned and walking into the wall itself. Just as they neared the 
wall they disappeared. 

He slowly lay back down and looked directly into the light defeated. The
tears stinging his eyes finally flowed free. He knew now with all 
certainty that they were lost to him forever. His wife and daughter, 
his life was gone. 

Dr. Michael turned from the viewing window. He glanced at Dr. Richards
and said "It seems the shock treatment has taken his false memories, 
however I feel he is now totally lost". Dr. Richards turned and looked 
at the older Dr. and said yes perhaps but, at least he won't chant 
their names any longer. 

The older Dr. turned back to the window looking at the middle aged man
rocking back and forth in the padded room. Yes but, we've now taken the 
only life he has ever known. He has no other true memories. "How could 
he having lived his entire life in that padded room" said Dr. Richards. 
The two Dr's turned, clipboards in hands and moved on to the next 
viewing window. 


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