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Who's Gonna Stop Them (standard:drama, 342 words)
Author: KathyAdded: Aug 19 2001Views/Reads: 2783/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story about what can happen...

Who's Gonna Stop Them 

I still remember walking into the school that day.  Everything seemed to
happen in slow motion. 

There was this kid and he was always the target of some sort of prank. 
I'd known him since kindergarten but he was just there.  We might say 
"Hi" or make small talk but I never really got to know him.  That's one 
of the things I've always regretted.  They were my friends that were 
torturing him and I couldn't do anything about it cause I was too 
scared that I'd be shunned.  I never thought about how much he had been 
shunned.  Sure I'd seen him get beat up before but never thought twice, 
"Why risk my rep on a kid like him?" 

As I walked through the door that day the first thing I heard was this
blood curdling scream.  It came from the end of the hallway.  I ran to 
go see what was happenning.  I froze.  There was a gang of guys, at 
least twenty of them, and they were all attacking him.  They just kept 
beating on him.  They wouldn't stop.  The screaming was unbearable.  
Then he stopped his screaming and fighting back.  He went limp.  The 
only noise was the thunk, thunk, thunk of them hitting him.  I don't 
know what was worse, his screaming, or when he stopped. 

Teachers were running towards the gang.  They never seemed to care
before, so why did they now?  The gang scattered and he was left alone 
on the floor. 

The ambulance came.  They said he would have to spend the rest of his
life in a wheelchair, but he was lucky to even be alive.  He didn't do 
anything do deserve that.  He had never done anything wrong.  Nobody, 
including myself, did anything to help him. 

You know nothing will happen to the guys who did this.  They never
caught them.  And even if they did, they'd get a slap on the wrist and 
they'd be out there doing it again the next day. 

Who's gonna stop them?


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