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Stare (standard:other, 608 words)
Author: KathyAdded: Aug 19 2001Views/Reads: 2630/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
As she walks down the hall she can feel the eyes staring her down...


As she walks down the hall she feels the eyes staring her down.  The
eyes of disapproval from those who never even acknowledged her 
existence before there had been something degrading to talk about.  The 
girl no one knew has all of a sudden become the center of he in-crowd's 
gossip around the lunch table at noon, the field after school, and the 
phone and chat rooms at night. 

They whisper, but desist as she walks by; with barely any time at all to
stifle their laughs.  They are aware that she knows they are talking 
about her, yet continue to be discreet about it...or maybe not so 
discreet.  There is writing on the walls of both the washrooms with 
degrading remarks and supposed encounters been had.  As though she has 
no feelings words were being thrown out, notes passed, and more and 
more rumors started.  It looks as though there will be no end to the 

She cannot understand why she must endure this pain.  Her friends left
her, some of which have been with her since kindergarten, without a 
word of encouragement, understanding.  They had acted just as the 
others and had gained popularity by dishing falsified statements about 
her life.  For they know no true meaning of the word "friend" and would 
rather have instant success in their social life than to stand by a 
friend.  She feels more alone than ever as she walks down the hall. 

Her heart stops as she sees him.  He was never popular until the rumors
were started (probably by him) now he was a big shot.  Their eyes meet 
and they stare for what seems like forever.  Then he gave her a look, a 
look that tore her into pieces.  It said, "Thanks for the instant 
fame," and he turned away laughing.  That was the look that broke her. 

Never having being faced by anything like this before she had no idea
what she could do.  She couldn't confide in anyone.  She had tried that 
when it all started, she confided in her long time best friend, only to 
be humiliated when her supposed best friend told the entire school.  
She couldn't go to her family either, as they would surely kick her out 
of the house if they heard of the rumor and would take it for the 
truth.  They would believe the testimony of high school students 
looking for something to talk about over the word of their daughter. 

She runs, runs away from her life, from her problems, from the world. 
She runs into herself.   She looks deeper and deeper as though she is 
trying to find herself within herself.  She seems to find nothing, and 
comes out even more down and depressed than she was before.  Although 
she is out of the inner most part of herself, she looks like a zombie, 
not really there.  She can still feel the stares. 

Her mind is blank, yet thinking non-stop about why they were doing this
to her, why they must make her feel so bad, why no one had bothered to 
ask her about what really happened.  No one cares about the truth if it 
will interfere with their weekly gossip, for the truth isn't 
interesting enough for them. 

But she knows that they will all know the truth soon enough, it will be
impossible to hide in a few months.  It isn't the fact that they are 
talking about her, and what has happened, it's the fact that they 
didn't ask her if it was true, they'd rather just talk.  If they had 
just asked, maybe she wouldn't have to do this... 


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