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Untitled (standard:poetry, 358 words)
Author: KathyAdded: Aug 23 2001Views/Reads: 2537/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Poem about what we do not know


Complete silence falls across the classroom, 

We watch a video thoroughly filled with doom. 

A little boy cries as his dad’s dragged away, 

Right then and there, my mind starts to sway. 

As we look back upon our lives 

Remembering everything even the dives 

We realize our differences were few, 

And how often we used hate too. 

The ones who looked past them were brave, 

To be like them is what we crave. 

But as we move on to the future 

We know we aren’t that sure. 

To leave the comfort of home 

Will make us feel all alone. 

Just as our families will do, 

Are we sure our friends will be there too. 

As we move away on different paths for our lives 

We wonder, is our friendship one of the lucky ones that will get

Will we look back and be ashamed of what we’ve done, 

Even if it was intended just for fun. 

Will we wish we tried harder to make amends? 

I bet the main answer will be “It depends”. 

We’ll find out a high school heartbreak isn’t that bad, 

Look at the rest of the world, isn’t it sad. 

To be stood up on a date 

Isn’t nearly as bad as this little boy’s fate. 

Our parents have sheltered us our entire lives, 

This boy knows more than us and he’s only five. 

To tell you the truth I won’t be surprised, 

When due to drugs one of us dies. 

The only things we hear are secrets and lies, 

This brings me to life, which I’m beginning to despise. 

I shake myself out of deep thought, 

Finding answers to questions that I never sought. 

The bell has rung yet everyone is still 

About the reality of the world they have had their fill. 

Their eyes are no longer so full with wonder, 

For the world is the subject they begin to ponder. 

We’ve all been given this tremendous gift 

To live in peace, and not a finger have we had to lift. 

Many of you out there may think we’ll throw this away 

But we intend to go all the way. 


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