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Mercy (standard:other, 277 words)
Author: rbAdded: Aug 25 2001Views/Reads: 1949/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
"Its amazing what you can see with the right kind of eyes. I sit here above the streets watching the ebb and flow of humanity." Feedback is appreciated. If you don't like it, please make sure you tell me why. Thanks


Its amazing what you can see with the right kind of eyes.  I sit here
above the streets watching the ebb and flow of humanity.  I see a 
thousand unwilling actors in a mad and desperate passion play, all 
imagining themselves in the starring role.  I see clichés of love and 
hate, pity and malice, joy and despair, each display more false than 
the last. 

I see a prostitute mechanically turning trick after trick selling the
one things she has worth anything.  She stands on the curb like a 
disgruntled office worker on the ledge of the twelfth story window 
threatening to jump, desperately wanting to be saved.  Behind the 
poorly applied red lipstick and the black eye not quite concealed by 
the extra layer of cheap makeup, there is a child of glass.  A new 
crack on its once pristine and lustrous surface forms with each 

I see a man pushing miniature green Bibles on people with uninterested
faces.  He's giving away hope, salvation, fear, and guilt free of 
charge, and with every apocalyptic gesture, light catches the small 
bottle of bourbon in his coat pocket.  His eyes are those of a drowning 

I see the soulless mob with heads down and slumped shoulders shuffling
ever onward toward their scheduled suicides and heart attacks.  I see 
couples in each other's arms seeking comfort rather than companionship. 
 I see men and women, young and old, living and dying.  They will all 
receive my mercy. 

I grind my last cigarette into the ledge of the roof and put the bullet
in the chamber.  The bolt slides into place with a satisfying click. 

I take aim.


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