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Everlasting Friendship (standard:non fiction, 2393 words)
Author: DragonSoulAdded: Sep 05 2001Views/Reads: 2674/1495Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Its how two friends became friends, and how one is affected when the other friend passes away

Everlasting Friendship 

I am sitting in my backyard watching the moon rise in the August night,
it is becoming very cold tonight. This is bringing back some very 
tortures memories. Just a little over 7 yrs ago in July it was a 
mid-summers day, but inside me I was cold and as empty as space. I was 
just pulling up to the Funeral Home, were my best friend was having his 
wake and soon to be taking his last ride to his resting place. I also 
remember how we met for the first time and how our everlasting 
friendship grew. Which would transcend time. 

The summer just ended, which meant it was time for another exciting
school year. The day came and my mother came into my room to wake me 
up, god that was so annoying. I wish one day in the future I may do 
that to her. Finally I got out of bed washed up, brushed my teeth and 
was at the bus stop about 6:45am. I am remembering how chilly those 
days were in the low 60's, because with our luck we would stand at the 
corner for about 20 minutes waiting for the bus too pull up. It was 
Ronald, Marvin, Jenny, and my cousin Patricia and of course can't 
forget me. Finally the school bus arrived 15 minutes late, but at least 
five minutes earlier then usual, so we were lucky we didn't freeze our 
asses off. We were all excited because we just entered the 8th grade. 
So we all knew we were going to be the top dogs in school this year. 

The bus finally arrived at our school. The great Central Elementary
School. All of the kids this year looked forward to getting back to our 
own school this year. The reason being is because last year we had to 
spend the year at another school. Our school was getting the addition 
for the up and coming 8th graders. So we all were pshycied that we were 
going to be the first to graduate 8th grade in our school. Which most 
of us have been in since we were young. I got off the bus and was 
walking to find my classroom since the classrooms were in the new 
addition of the school. Of course I found my friends from the summer. A 
few of us were close friends. My friends and I were a mix of people. 
There was Gaven who was the metal head and probably the strongest kids 
in our school. Next there was Matt who was the surfer and a little 
crazy himself but was my best friend since I moved to Central and 
always had my back as I did his. Finally we had Brad who was also my 
best friend at the time, but me and Brad were starting to go our own 
ways for a number of reasons. But that summer Matt, Graven and Myself 
were hanging out most of the summer doing different things, from 
partying, dirtbike riding, swimming or anything else we could think of 
to keep us busy. So it was a great summer. Finally I got past my good 
friends and found my classroom. Of course I knew everyone in there some 
better then others. 

I finally took my seat before class was about to start. I was excited it
was a new beginning and I was one of the senior students in the school. 
I turned my head to the right and there sat a boy named Danny, he was 
about my height maybe 5"6, average build but red hair and many 
freckles. I remember him from the year before we didn't really met 
under good conditions. Danny was kinda a smartass back then when I 
first met him but he was a very nice guy I came to find out. But we 
really didn't become friends in the 7th grade. So now we started fresh 
in a new school and a new school year. Danny started to talk to me and 
asked me how my summer was, and if anything fun happened. I told Danny 
I had a good time hang out with many neighbors and some school friends. 
Then I asked Danny how his summer was and he said the same thing, plus 
he went fishing, played some tennis and was bowling. So I thought hey 
this kid kinda likes the same things I do. So maybe he isn't as bad as 
I thought he was. Class was finally about to start and I realized my 
pen wasn't working, so I asked if I can borrow a pen from Danny, and of 
course he had a spare to lend me for the class. Well this was the start 
of our friendship. 

Danny loved the beach, so Danny and I would go too the beach many times
in the summers to come, not to mention he got me into bowling, and I 
became a very respectable bowler as did he. We shared a lot of great 
times together not too mention with our other friends. We all would 
hang out at nights, play tennis, or basketball. One of our favorite 
things to do was to have an all niter. Where we would rent movies, and 
video games and stay up all night and play. We were like any other best 
friends but we knew each other very well. At times our friends and 
teachers would call us the old married couple. Very funny really, 
because we would always argue but mostly because we had to prove each 

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