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Man and Chicken (youngsters:poetry, 195 words)
Author: ClaudeAdded: Sep 24 2000Views/Reads: 5603/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A man meets a chicken and a "discussion" ensues, with a little twist at the end.

Chicken, chicken, In a farm, You are weak, Can do no harm. 

But I can, Oh Farmer Tom, Because I have, An Atom bomb. 

Oh no you don't, You must be lying, And for that crime, You will be

I shall not die, You silly man, I'll kill you first, Because I can. 

Oh no you won't, You are just boasting, I think you'll make, A perfect

You cannot roast me, I have the power, Before my weapons, You shall

A neutral person, Must decide, Here comes the lion, Full of pride. 

Oh Man and Chicken, What is wrong, What has made you argue, For this so
very long. 

This man wishes, For me to die, I cannot understand, Quite why. 

I wish to have, This bird, For my dinner, In the night, 

Why oh why, should he, The chick, The noble food chain, Fight. 

I will settle, Here and now, This stupid, Argument. 

But not quite, Just yet, Please both come, Into my tent, 

And so they three beasts, Forth they went, Into the lion's, Noble tent. 

And while in there, They all did cough, The chicken's atom bomb... 

...Went off


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