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RWB (standard:poetry, 297 words)
Author: KathyAdded: Sep 16 2001Views/Reads: 2509/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The tragedy of the US and the pride we still have

The world stops 

It's heart stops beating, 

It's blood stops flowing. 

The unimaginable has happened. 

There is tragedy among us, 

Greater than this generation has ever known. 

Terrorists have killed us, 

On our very own planes they have flown. 

Our country is overcome with violence 

And we are full of disbelief. 

For this the world has stood in silence, 

Trying to console those with grief. 

Tears flow down as we hear the anthem, 

Never so heartfelt has it been sung. 

All those who died must know we're with them 

Hopefully for them, this war can be won. 

But we stand united as we sing aloud. 

Strong words are spoken of tragedy sorrow and war, 

Through all this we can prove we can soar, 

We are as one, but we stand alone in a crowd. 

The shock turns to anger 

This is not supposed to happen, 

The evil of war is no longer a stranger 

Even though America is what we're in. 

The act of war is no longer foreign 

And these acts are ones that will not soon be forgotten. 

We must hold our heads high, 

Not even come close to a sigh. 

We are fighting for our freedom, our world, and our life. 

We will soon find the light, 

That as of now is out of sight. 

We are aware that for this we must fight. 

We hope to get through this peacefully, and you know, we just might. 

We will prove to the world you cannot throw us down 

Whatever we do, we will not frown. 

We will raise our flag high, 

And whatever happens it will be in the sky. 

Look in the sky and there will always be, 

The colors of America, red white and blue 

Although those colors mean nothing to you. 


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