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"Good Time Charlie" (standard:poetry, 136 words)
Author: denis holzhauserAdded: Sep 17 2001Views/Reads: 2390/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Living Large

First I was a cowboy,than became a cop 

I thought as I grew older,the dreaming would one day stop 

I ran the winning touchdowns,struck the scoring hits 

I charmed and warmed and melted,I gave the ladies fits 

I danced the current crazes and hummed the newest songs 

I knew the latest rumors and drew the largest throngs 

I drank the strongest liquor and flashed the biggest roll 

And when the jokes were coming,I offered the vilest told 

I had the falsest friends and paid the highest tabs 

I always rented limos,the other guys took cabs 

I got the most inheritances,but had the most divorces 

I plunged on big time horses and bragged about the loses 

I was one hell of a guy,but now i,m going see 

So why won't anyone come and sit awhile with me 


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