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Thought for America on Attack on America (standard:drama, 505 words)
Author: SusystarsAdded: Sep 20 2001Views/Reads: 2187/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I think this needs to reach every American. We need to come together. I think it is vital to all Americans that we have patience.

Thought for America This is a time in our lives we need to pull

I have been watching the news and the violence that is starting in some
cities needs our attention. People are starting to take their 
frustrations out on American citizens because they are of different 
nationalities. We need to focus on the fact that if we continue this 
way we will start a war in our own country. I like many in battle 
within myself, believing in unconditional love yet wanting justice not 
vengeance just plain justice, puts me at a loss for not only words but 
a deeper loss for who I am and who is God. I say justice is called for 
when you attack a country, my country, The United Stated Of America.  A 
country that comes to the aid of every country where disaster hits and 
a country who turns the other cheek when disaster hits her. Well the 
other cheek has been more than slapped, it has been ripped off her 
face. It is time for justice. Time to be rid of negative powers. A time 
to send them to the maker to allow for new souls to be born. Death 
makes room for rebirths. We need good positive powers otherwise mass 
destruction is inevitable. 

May God give us his knowledge to allow the spirit to come forth to the
personality (human mind) so we might bring love to this cruel world. If 
it takes destruction of negative powers, so be it. 

This is America and every one living here is an American until proven
not and  is not our judgment to make. Let the government to make that 
decision. Have patience America and lets not fight amongst ourselves. 
Justice will prevail. 

I would like to ask you to send this message to every one you can. Try
to calm the people who are feeling this way. Ask them to join together 
and become one Nation under God with justice for all. Ask them not to 
take this tragedy out on their neighbor because he comes from a country 
that might have done this to us. We will find the people responsible 
for this if we let those who know how to go about it, do their job. 
This could very well be the perpetrators intent,  for us to destroy 

Let's show just how strong America is. Love thy neighbor next door, no
matter where he comes from and remember one thing, he chose to be here, 
he left his homeland to come to America to be free. Let your spirit 
guide you, it will take you in the right direction. 

This is where our thoughts need to go. We need to unify positive power
in this country if we are to get thru this. Lets not make America the 
battle ground of another civil war by fighting amongst ourselves. 

Thoughts for America The land of the Free Home of the Brave Living
lightens the load when Life learns to love Mary Sue Cronenberg 


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