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MY CAMERA - YOUR HORROR (standard:mystery, 7099 words)
Author: Trina....Added: Sep 21 2001Views/Reads: 1890/1307Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young woman's camera disappears mysteriously, then shows up at her door steps with some horrible revelations.


Peppy Marshall was giddy as usual.  Playing a game of adult tag with her
friends, the sun shone brightly on their youthful twenty something 
bodies.  They were seven in number, but Peppy only really knew four out 
of the bunch.  Untrusting of other people, she only kept a handful of 
people she called friends.  And even then she secretly didn’t really 
consider them friends.  You had to have known Peppy for yyyears to be 
considered a friend.  Being in New York City for only six months, she 
had met her new associates through her job as a bartender.  Which was a 
hilarious inside joke within her tight knit crew who all knew that 
Peppy did not drink 

There was Devon, the self proclaimed diva with the dark chocolate skin,
and Colgate smile.  Brenda, the punky, bottle red head with the sun 
burnt skin, and sharp Brooklyn accent.  Kasey, the quiet one, who was 
usually serious, (unless of course she had been drinking).  And Jimmy, 
the ex- boy friend, turned ‘just friend,’ who was the only one that 
didn’t work at ‘The Blue, Red Lounge.’ 

The rest of the gang, Peppy barely knew, but they were a lot of fun so
she didn’t mind her ‘associates’ bringing them along.  There was Peter, 
a part time security guard at the club and a friend of Jimmy’s; and 
Devon’s younger sister, Nicolette who complained about her clothes 
getting dirty all through out their earlier football game. 

Peppy her self looked much younger then her age.  She was slim and
short, childish looking, with long dark hair and olive skin.  When she 
laughed, which was often, her cheeks exploded in great round balloons, 
complete with child-hood dimples she never lost. 

After Kasey-- who refused to play but decided to keep score instead--
had lost count, the game broke out into a free for all, which ended up 
with everybody chasing after Kasey,  then resulted in a game of tag. 

Now as Peppy grinded Kasey’s face into the dirt, Jimmy tackled her from
behind, followed by the always too enthusiastic Devon, then 
Brenda...and on and on until only Nicolette remained eagerly on top. 
“You’re it.” Peppy said into Kasey’s red ear. 

“OK! OK!” Kasey’s small voice screamed.  “Shit, I can’t breathe down

“What! We can’t here you!” said Peter, who grinned down at Kasey from
somewhere up high. 

“Get off!”  Peppy commanded, afraid that the fragile Kasey might be
seriously hurt.  Immediately, she felt the weight on her back ease up, 
as one by one, the gang began to break up and back away.  When Peppy 
finally crawled away from Kasey and stood on her own too feet, the 
sight of Kasey laying so frightfully still on her stomach filled her 
own stomach with panic juice.  With the exception of the rumbling of 
the passing cars, and the other gregarious adults and children playing 
near by on this Friday evening, everything else was quiet.  No one in 
the circle of six that was gathered around the crushed looking Kasey 
seemed to even breathe.  Including the fallen seventh member, who’s 
short blond hair was a muddy mess, and who’s once gleaming white polo 
shirt was pushed way up exposing her back, which was tattooed with red 
blotches from their violent squirmish.  “Kasey?” questioned Jimmy. 

“Kasey?!” Devon repeated.  Finally, unable to do anything else, Peppy
rushed forward to turn the deflated Kasey over, but something stopped 
her in her tracks. 

Kasey, was moving. 

Slowly, she pushed her self up—but only slightly, then like an
inexperienced beetle, flipped her self over on her back.  Her face was 
blood red, flat looking and deflated like the rest of her skinny body, 
but the smile on her face was fat like an over weight pimp and filled 
with delicious secrete amusement.  Like a robot she lifted up a stiff 
right arm, and flung a long middle finger into the air. “You assholes!” 
She screamed, ”You could have killed me!”  Then she broke up into dry 
laughter; coughing too, as the rest of the group let out thankful sighs 
and laughed out of sheer relief.  “Damn Kasey,” Peter said, helping 

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