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A LiTTLE DITTY FOR MICHAEL (standard:poetry, 306 words)
Author: Semper_FidelasAdded: Oct 01 2001Views/Reads: 1982/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An amateur's version of light poetry!!

An Amateur's Version of Light Poetry)

So taken with Michael, and need him to know
that I know just when to say calm&easy&slow.
He is such a wonder, but high strung is he&.
I hope he finds joy and some solace in me.

I strive to encourage and hold him so dear
and day after day it becomes crystal clear
that one day I'll hold him and love him full true
and rainbows we'll make merging colors and hue.

But now for this time we have our special place.
He comes to me here and he sees on my face
the pleasure and joy only he can evoke.
He stirs me and loves me; my fire he stokes.

And when not together in my heart he lives.
I cherish him there and for all that he gives
I do not know how to repay him in kind
except just to calm him and help him unwind.

I give him my love, it is honest and pure.
I pleasure him often so he knows for sure
that I am consistent in my love so deep
and one day forthcoming together we'll sleep.

He knows of my longing and I do so yearn
each day for his touch and my lover's return.
With every encounter he drives me so high
that I can't resist him, I no longer try.

My passion for him abounds so deep inside.
And he draws it forth, I can no longer hide
the fact that I love him and long for his touch
and look for his words that he loves me so much.

My Michael, creative and sensitive, true
I value him so and I treasure him too.
It is in a sense overwhelming to see
That Michael, so special, indeed does love me.

Aug. 9, 2000


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