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Hybrid Moments (standard:other, 3299 words)
Author: DeLiRiAAdded: Oct 02 2001Views/Reads: 1823/1200Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sometimes Fate only takes you so far.

Copyright 2001 by K.M. *For Puppy* 

He saw  her for the first time on a hot night in August, while he’d been
too drunk to do anything but sit on one of Rex’s big chairs in the 
living room and enjoy Deicide blasting from the stereo as he watched 
all the other people in the party have fun. She was alone, also, 
leaning against the wall in a far-off corner; dark eyes smudged with 
black eyeliner and a long cigarette in between her middle and index 
fingers on her right hand. She was looking around as if waiting for 
someone, biting on her pouty bottom lip before bringing that cigarette 
to her lips and taking a short but deep drag. He caught a glimpse of 
black nail polish on her fingernails. He took a swig from his beer and 
continued to watch her, the way her black off-the-shoulder-length hair 
waved slightly at the ends and how it was shorter in the front (a 
couple of inches under her chin), framing her face. She was clad all in 
black, he noticed. Black short dress that reached only to the middle of 
her thigh, which accented her curvy frame plus showed off her cleavage, 
and a black man’s suit jacket that reached down to her knee. Black 
stockings on her short, well-formed legs. Never really an admirer of 
the Goth look, he surprised himself by not being able to imagine her 
dressed any other way. He smirked slightly when he noticed the bright 
pink shoelaces on her black combat boots. He took a deep drag from his 
Marlboro red, and scowled slightly at the fact that he couldn’t take 
his eyes off of her. Something about her seemed familiar. She had a 
woman-child face, big innocent dark eyes, arched thin eyebrows and 
lush, sensual lips. Her face looked slightly pale (he guessed due to 
white powder) but he could make out the slightly golden complexion 
beneath it. He was too engrossed looking at her lips again that it 
caught him complete off guard when his gaze returned to her eyes and 
found her staring right at him. Those eyes never left him, either, even 
as he continued to stare back. The whole situation had a surreal, 
intense (yet so fucking familiar) feel to it that he almost shivered 
and he saw her take a deep breath, eyes still locked with his. It was 
like Deja Vu, yet at the same time it was something much stronger and 
completely different. A Hybrid Moment, he would call it later. And even 
later, when he remembered that first time, it would strike him that 
perhaps it was in that specific instant (when their gazes locked 
together in one determined flash) that the Unforgettable Fire in the 
very core of his soul sparked and began to grow. 

Their Hybrid Moment was cut short as a tall, slender girl with curly
dirty-blonde hair appeared beside her. Her eyes painfully tore away 
from his and he realized, as the girl (his girl, as he’d already 
started calling her inside his secret mind) let out a big rush of air, 
that they’d both been holding their breath as they stared at each 
other. Apparently the tall girl had finished whatever it was she’d been 
doing and it was time for the both of them to leave. He watched her go, 
green eyes darkening at the sound of the door slamming (mostly imagined 
in his head because the music was so loud he was surprised he could 
hear himself think!). Brows came together in a scowl and before he knew 
what he was doing he was out the door himself, his eyes on them as they 
made their way to a white two-seater car, but keeping his distance. 
Something inside of him already warned him not to let her see him so 
close. He found his grey Honda, about 6 cars away from them, and got 
inside. The steering wheel felt clammy against the palms of his hands 
but he ignored it, watching that white car pull out from his rearview 
mirror and drive past him. He heard a flash of loud dark, almost 
ethereal music and then they were at the curb driving off. He turned on 
the engine, put the car on reverse and pulled out frantically, eyes set 
on that white car like it was the only thing that mattered in this 
world and drove after it, his hands gripping the steering wheel so hard 
it was almost painful. He noticed he was holding his breath and he let 
it out in a big rush, feeling almost lightheaded but he kept driving at 
a safe distance from that white car. Even then, he knew that the girl 
inside the white car meant something. Even then, he felt the slight tug 
of what was left of the last shreds of his conscience, asking him in a 
very calm voice just what in the hell he thought he was doing. But then 
again, he always ignored that voice and he did so now, feeling inside 
his being the definite emotion of purpose. He didn’t know what he was 
doing or why, he just knew that he couldn’t let that white car out of 
his sight. He lit another cigarette one-handed and took a deep drag, 
then turned on the music (Deicide, of course) as loud as he could. Then 
he just kept driving. 

*  *  * 

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