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Inertia (standard:poetry, 277 words)
Author: Hopeless RomeoAdded: Oct 04 2001Views/Reads: 2022/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About the difficulty of stopping once you start to fall for her...

Inertia  (~~~ Denotes Change In Stanza) 

When i look on you (though you may flinch) 

i am aware of a spinning; and as i am careening 

i do wonder what youíre feeling-my heart is folding, 

contorting, and wandering, shaking and collapsing 

in your eyes. 


The butterflies (if that is their name); they do comprise 

a keen surprise as these feelings rise. Wings do impact 

my stomachís walls; wincing from the enigmatically 

pleasurable pain iím falling into you (though you may resist) 

ever trying (impossible, wishing) to take you with me. 


Will you come? 


When will i land? Where? 

I donít know. 

I do so plummet (hopeless, watched); toward some end. 

What end would make worth while this drop? 


Why do men undertake such tasks? 

driven toward impossibility and holding to improbability 

pushing away tranquility 

with avarice for unattainability 

riding the envelope of capability 

that i might so plunge in the face of a possibility 

that my assumptions of hopelessness are wrong. 


Though were you not so out of reach 

(stretching, trying, extending to and past boundaries 

set by some force which keeps away, with a painful 

indefiniteness i can scarcely bare, the fabled golden ring 

of which i may never be possessive, the paradigm 

of a happiness i should but may never know, 

the prize of my eternal endeavor; 

the bottom of this bottomless pit into which i 

continually decline) 

still would I find myself falling, dropping (headlong, 

without control) into the details the world was never 

meant to perceive (though angels have been said 

to walk the earth); drawn by a gravity of your face, 

inertia the smell of your hair.


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