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My Mother's Hat (standard:drama, 639 words)
Author: OlygsAdded: Oct 05 2001Views/Reads: 2281/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short description of the embarrasment I felt at my mothers hat.

I couldnít believe it. My mother was the biggest embarrassment any one
could invent. There must be some evil conspiracy against me. How did I 
end up getting conceived by someone who wears a big red owl hat for 
some kind of fun? It wasnít even necessary. And the fact that we were 
walking down a crowded street on a Saturday afternoon didnít seem to 
worry her at all. 

Why? I really donít know. Some form of insanity probably. We were in a
hat shop, and she just picked it up. Right from the top shelf. She saw 
it as soon as we walked in. It cost her £7.00. Iím not giving any 
prizes for anyone who guesses the reason. For three hours we had been 
walking around town, and at the end of it she got a damn owl hat. 

She is horrible; she doesnít let me do anything. I barely go out of the
house when its not school time. Even when it is she escorts me. Iím 
fifteen years old and my mother escorts me to school. My dad left her 
because of that. I mean because sheís so horrible. There one night, 
gone the next morning. Heís never got in contact. Not with anyone. 
Luckily my mother had an insurance policy in case anything ever 
happened to him, so weíre not badly off. We would be. Sheís so lazy she 
would never get a job. At night she goes out boozing. I mean every 
night. Most evenings I donít even hear her come in she comes back so 
late. How many poor kids have an alcoholic for a mother? Most nights I 
just sit in, watching TV. Thatís what I did last night. Well, I canít 
remember it but I assume thatís what I did. I donít know if that ever 
happens to you, when you canít remember what you do the night before, 
but it happens to me. I think itís because every night is so dull and 
the same. You lose track. 

My mother is probably a psychopath to be honest. I canít remember her
beating me when I was a child, but Iím sure she did. Must have done. No 
one walks round town in a big red owl hat and doesnít beat their kids. 
It was blood red as well. No one walks round town in a big blood red 
owl hat and doesnít beat their kids. Definitely a psychopath. I was 
sure the police were going to come up any minute now. No, they would 
have called for backup. It would be an entire squad of armed cops. 
Maybe they had been planning for months, waiting till she was an easy 
snatch. I could imagine them. ĎDrop your bags! Put your hands on the 
street!í In fact, they would probably consider that too dangerous. More 
likely they would just take her down with sharpshooters. What if they 
thought I was with her? Damnit, I was with her. Thereís no way they 
would let me live if they thought I was. Especially not if I was her 
son. I might be infected. Well, at least it would be quick. Anyway, Iíd 
always wanted to know if bullets travelled faster than sound. I suppose 
it would be one way to find out. Well, not if they are. I probably 
wouldnít have much time to think about it even if they werenít. 

My mother stopped to answer her mobile phone. She had one of those
terrible tune ring tones. I donít see why she canít just use the 
vibrator. In fact, I donít see why anyone would want to phone her. Ring 
tones shouldnít be a problem. I wandered whether the person on the 
other end of the line knew what she was wearing. 


BANG! Except I didnít hear the second shot. 


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