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Snowman (standard:poetry, 138 words)
Author: SareAdded: Oct 07 2001Views/Reads: 2691/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Ah, the imagery!

the snowman my uncle will never build 

stands frozen in my nana's mind: 

a pipe in his mouth, 

a hat on his head, 

with jamie's face, 

but oddly different: 

no lines crease his brow, 

no frown touches his eyes 

made of coal. 

made of snow, 

the snowman is strong. 

it's not jamie at all, 

but still a welcome change 

from the stone that 

bears his name. 


he should be building a snowman, 

nana says, 

but he is gone. 

i will build the snowman for her, 

stop her icy tears: 

the tears that would not be, 

if only he were as strong as my snowman, 

made of ice, and tears, 

and pain, and love. 

she misses you, 


look at the snowman i've made 

to stop nana's tears. 

***For my Uncle Jamie (1960-1996) and my Nan, with love.***


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