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The Truth (standard:non fiction, 1070 words)
Author: Amit GuptaAdded: Oct 12 2001Views/Reads: 2240/1409Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Triyama got married with Varid and at night Varid told her that he was in love with Kantar. He told her that he had sex with Kantar. Triyama also told him that she is also not virgin. What happend to their married life? They parted or not...Read the story

The Truth 

By- Amit Gupta 

Walking. Just walking. She didn't know where she was going so she
couldn't fantasize about her arrival, or about others' reaction, or 
about her own feelings. All she could think about was the journey 

Her name was Triyama. She was working in a multinational firm. Her
husband Varid was manager in a bank. Varid loved her and she knew it. 
But why had she left her home and started wandering on the road, she 
didn't know. She was puzzled. She recalled her golden days when she met 
Varid in the college canteen. It was love at first sight. They started 
meeting every day in the college canteen. One day Triyama told Varid 
that she was in love with him. Varid became dump all of a sudden. There 
was a half-amused expression in his face as he said, 

" Triyama, we are just friends and nothing. I don't know anything about
you. How can you say that you are in love with me? What do you know 
about me?" 

Triyama felt as if her whole body was frozen. Her head hammered inside
her and her heart was in her mouth. She became dumb all of a sudden and 
she started sobbing. 

" I think that you are right." Triyama said in a tired voice. 

" I was just joking. I also love you." 

Varid roared with laughter. 

Triyama remembered her last bad night. Her first night that is. It was
the day after they got married. At night Varid told her that he had 
affair with another girl. 

"It doesn't matter.I had an affair too." She smiled sheepishly. 

Varid started telling his story- 

" When I was a paying guest in Shimla, I got attracted towards Kantar.
She had a swarthy complexion, broad nostrils, and thick chocolate lips. 
She was a hill girl with animosity and passion in his eyes. I felt her 
long arms, mouth, neck and moist breast and hips, smooth and shiny like 
oiled mirrors... her breath covering me with sweet warmth as we 
dissolved into each other. Now she is in this city. She called me in 
the morning and congratulated me on my wedding. Can I meet her? I'm 
asking you because now you are my life partner and I have to live with 

Triyama looked at him dumb founded and said, 

" Yes why not? You can meet her, but before you go to meet her, you have
to listen to my story too. Once I was also attracted to my classmate. 
He was my best friend. He wanted to marry me, but his parents didn't 
allow him. So we parted. We had also enjoyed sex. Now, he is also in 
this city. I want to meet him. I need your permission. We are now 
married and I have to live with you. Can I go?" 

Silence descended between them. 

Varid's anger erupted like a fuming volcano and he said, 

" Tell me that you are lying. I was joking. I just wanted to know about
your past." Varid could hardly control his fury. 

Triyama gulped a cool glass of water and tried to control her temper and

" You are lying. But I'm not. This is the truth. Many times I had sex
with my boyfriend. I enjoyed and you also enjoyed your life with 
Kantar. Why you are lying? The truth is that we both enjoyed our life, 
then why are you angry?" 

" I was joking. I'm still a virgin. I want to know that you are a virgin

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