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Duck Pond Reflections (standard:poetry, 414 words)
Author: DaisyeyesAdded: Oct 23 2001Views/Reads: 2084/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Rememberance of the first kiss from a cheating boyfriend.

ďDuck Pond ReflectionsĒ 

Iím at the destination where Cory and I had our very first kiss. How
uncomfortable, yet so peaceful. The weather is much like that September 
evening when our souls met and collided. My hair smacks the back of my 
neck as I try to brush it out of my face. Cool breeze, warm sun, 
squinting eyes, heart beating. I wish, I wish, I wish. I can see my 
shadow to the right of me, itís almost that time again, where the sun 
melts into the horizon gradually saying goodbye, farewell, Iíll see you 
soon. Coryís arms wrap themselves around me, pulling me in to meet his 
soul. His fingers clasp themselves behind my back, his head tilts to 
the side. I question what he is thinking about. Does he see the passion 
in my eyes? Can he see himself in my life? Is he capable of seeing 
through me? Please God, donít let him see through me. The sun pulsates 
down upon my naked skin, reddening the disease, the fabric I enjoy to 
hide behind. The sun sees through my transparency. The massive star 
liquefies my jelly-like structure. I wish, I wish, I wish. Why canít my 
wishes come true? Can you hear me? The sun begins itís decent as our 
gaze admires each other. Your pale green eyes squint at me as I 
challenge your stare with my brown, bold ones.  You lean into me, 
pressing yourself upon me, and I feel your lips meet mine. I lick my 
lower lip so as to smooth the sensual passion. I wish, I wish, I wish 
you could hear me, see me. But now, the sun has gone below the water 
and nighttime begins timing itself. The darkness, I find, is cold and 
lonely. Your arms no longer embrace me, your eyes no longer admire. 
Your body has long since pulled away from mine, and I can no longer 
feel your heart dance with mine. Now is the time I wish, I wish, I 
wish. I return to this spot now seven months later waiting for you to 
return, for an embrace to return, a gaze, a touch, a kiss. The sun 
beats down upon me, the wind blowing through my hair, but something is 
different this time. I donít need you here. I donít wish to wish to 
wish, but instead I hope, and that keeps me alive, filled with passion, 
longing for an embrace, a kiss, a gaze, a touch. 


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