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Napkin Poetry (standard:poetry, 431 words)
Author: DaisyeyesAdded: Oct 24 2001Views/Reads: 2046/1225Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
While sitting in the dining hall, I got creative with a napkin.

“Napkin Poetry” 

Plastic trays and ceramic bowls 

A 20oz bottle of Nestea 

My box of gobstoppers lays heavy 

Aside the air-filled Doritos bag. 

I question my existence 

Envious of the people around me 

With dates sitting across 

I wish I had someone here 

To stare at me 

Laugh at my jokes 

And be envious of 

My popularity 

But instead, my best friend 

Glares at my back 

Wondering why I’m angry 

He’s leaving me 

For another. 

An ex-lover at my right 

In the corner 

Speaking quietly with his new lover 

Surrounded by secrets 

Hidden just from me 

I crane my ear to hear them 

The clock strikes nearer to one 

My time to go 

I debate going to see Alex. 

I signed that contract 

The contract everyone else broke. 

But I keep my promise 

I stand strong, proud 

And tall. 

I will not fall a victim 

Seven more days until Cory comes 

My eyes happen to notice the ring 

On my finger 

From him. 

Commitment, with him 

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