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Would You still want me? (standard:poetry, 458 words)
Author: Nathan Scot TaylorAdded: Nov 10 2001Views/Reads: 2087/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The question I'm too terrified to ask, but have to.

Would you still want me? 

I'm sitting here, and I'm terrified of the answer 

But I got to ask the question. 

I'm virtually certain the answer will be no. 

But I still got to ask. 

Would you want me if you knew me? 

If you knew the bad things, 

The things that I knew were wrong, but did anyway. 

The pieces of me that I can't change, 

That even I'm afraid of. 

If you knew that, would you still want me? 

I guess you think you know the real me. 

I guess I think I know the real me too. 

But the truth is I keep finding out different parts of myself everyday. 

Am I too self-absorbed? 

Will my past chain me, make it so I can't trust you. 

Would you still want me if you knew what I've done. 

Who I've been. 

Would you want me if you knew I was the reject. 

If you knew that I haven't celebrated my birthday since I was 8. 

Because I was terrified that no one would bother to show. 

Would you like me if you knew that I've never dated anyone before. 

Because part of me thought that I wasn't good enough 

Or because I told myself that I wasn't ready 

But the truth may be that I was too afraid of getting hurt. 

Would you want anything to do with the social retard? 

The one who got so mad at everything and anyone. 

The one who left his family because he was worried about who he would

The one who told them all to go to hell. 

Because he was so sure. 

That the problem was them, instead of himself. 

Would you want anything to do with the coward, 

The self-absorbed, vain, ungrateful-son-of-a-bitch? 

The self-righteous bastard. 

I'm sitting here, and I'm wondering about your answer. 

Am I going to have to hide who I am to find the real one? 

Or do you think you'll still want me? 

Even though I understand so little, and have so much to learn. 

Even thought there are going to be times when I'll be weak, 

Or get mad, and get so angry that even I'm afraid of it. 

Or will try to crack a joke, to get you to smile, 

When I should be giving you a shoulder to cry on. 

Because I know that there is so much I need to learn. 

And I got to ask, 

Would you still want me if you knew more about me? 

And I'm sitting here, wondering what your answer will be. 

Praying with my heart and soul, knowing that I want it to be yes. 

Until then, I'm just sitting here, wondering about your answer. 

Your call, but I got to know.


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