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DOUBTVILLE TO FAITH HAVEN (standard:adventure, 916 words)
Author: Clyde McDadeAdded: Nov 20 2001Views/Reads: 2134/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Two brother's who are born-again christians become trapped in thier favorite video game called, Doubtville to Faith Haven. In order to get home they must travel through the game using Bible scripture's and weapons of faith. A story of team work and fait

Damon and Joel ages nine and ten were playing thier favorite video game
called Doubtville to Faith Haven.  "I want to start over!"  You're 
winning too much!"  Damon had a habit of hitting the restart button 
whenever his older brother was beating him on the video screen.  "I'm 
gonna tell mom!"  Why are you such a brat?"  Joel asked.  "All you do 
is hog the game and I have to sit here and wait a whole hour to get a 
chance to go again!"  "That's because I'm good at this and you're not!" 
Joel said. 

This hurt his brother's feelings.  Both had a problem with selfishness
and sharing.  Thier mother had warned them about being a team and not 
taking each other for granted all of the time.  They were on the first 
level which was one of the hardest.  The longer the game the harder it 
got.  Joel had to start over.  He racked up a whole lot of points, but 
that didn't matter.  "Hurry up!"  Damon insisted.  "You just keep your 
hands off the stupid restart button!"  Joel hit start and then it 


"Where are we?"  Damon asked.  He looked confused and scared.  Joel
didn't understand what he had done wrong.  All he did was hit the start 
button and everything went black.  "What did you do dummy?"  Damon 
asked again.  This irritated Joel.  "Could you shut your big mouth?"  
He kept looking around.  The entire place was covered with blue grass, 
bright colored trees and bushes.  Some had huge pieces of fruit on 
them.  This made Joel hungry.  Looking closer he realized something he 
couldn't believe.  "We're in the game Damon!"  "Are you nuts?"  "Look 
around!  Doesn't any of this look familiar?"  Damon turned in every 
direction and a sudden fear came upon him.  Yet he still tried to deny 
it.  "You're crazy!  This is some trick...!"  He stopped talking, 
because the ground shook! 

Then a growl deafened thier ears!  "Oh no it's him!"  "Who?"  Damon
asked.  "The Dragon of Doubt!  We've gotta get out of here!"  "How did 
this happen?"  He stood his ground as Joel started running.  "I'm not 
going until you tell me how we got here!"  "I didn't do anything and 
you know it!"  Joel said.  A stream of fire landed close to Damon's 
feet.  Joel grabbed him in the nick of time!  The boys ran as fast as 
they could with the Dragon of Doubt on thier heels!  "You remember how 
this is played, right?"  Asked Joel.  Damon looked behind him.  His 
eyes grew bigger than a saucer as the dragon gave chase.  "Yeah!  We're 
in Doubtville and have to get to Faith Haven!" 

The object of the game was to get from one town to the other or be lost
in doubt for life, never fully experiencing God's blessings in your 
life due to lack of faith.  The Dragon's job was to hit you with his 
fire so that you'd begin to doubt that God could help you and weaken 
your faith.  "We're coming to the Cliff of No Return!"  Joel shouted.  
At the bottom of this cliff were massive rocks!  They had only one hope 
as the Dragon of Doubt spewed another shot of fire at them.  The boys 
stopped in thier tracks.  "Hurry up and say your prayer or we'll be 
toast!"  Damon yelled.  Joel said a prayer of faith.  Throughout the 
game, players made thier way around by using scripture, prayer and 
faith.  This would allow them to escape any harmful traps and weapons 
of doubt and fear, as they went along.  "He's only ten feet away!"  
Damon said. 

The Dragon was blue with orange spots on it's skin.  Within half of a
second a large, shiny and gold slide appeared in front of them!  the 
Slide of Hope!  Both boys lunged for it just as the Dragon of Doubt 
landed and shot more fire!  "Whoooaaaa!"  They screamed the whole way 
down, but were not out of the woods yet when Damon saw the Dragon make 
his own slide appear three feet from thiers.  "He's gaining on us!"  
Damon warned.  "Don't be afraid, remember?  Just have faith in God all 
the way through and we'll make it!"  Joel knew that  they were in 
trouble.  How could they consistently work together as a team when 
they'd been arguing with each other for months?  Would thier faith in 
God be strong enough?  Hwo did they end up inside this game anyway? 

All of these questions raced through Joel's mind as he and his brother
slid to the bottom.  In the distance they could see trees and bushes.  
Each brilliantly colored with different types of flowers on them.  
Hitting the bottom, they rolled at least twelve feet before coming to a 
stop on the yellow grass.  Damon's allergies were no help.  "Yaaachu!"  
Joel got to his feet.  Standing in front of them was the "ORACLE OF 
DECISIONS".  This was a large, clear, floating screen that had a 
question on it with multiple choice answers.  He knew that the answer 
sent them on to the next level.  Summoning the many weapons they had as 
players, Joel called for the "Knock Balls".  A bright, orange, fire 
ball appeared in his right hand and he lunged it toward the Dragon! It 
hit him right in the stomach, making him disappear. 


The oracle gave them three choices. 



Which one did they choose?


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