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Love: A Commentary (standard:other, 280 words)
Author: SareAdded: Nov 22 2001Views/Reads: 2840/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A perspective on love.

It's about choices.  Sometimes you say yes because you want to and you
can and it's crazy and beautiful and wonderful.  Sometimes you say no 
because you're frightened and you can't and it's crazy and beautiful 
and wonderful. 

A candle flame that flickers and swells, rising and falling like the
aching breaths of lovers' sighs. 

It's light from a thousand golden stars and darkness that caresses and

It's the taste of the rain on your lips and the sound of crinkling

It's about snow angels and Christmas tree stars and hot chocolate and
mittens on strings. 

It's about sailboats and oceans and horses and flowers. 

Love is laughter that just can't stop, tears that well and fall away. 
It's smiles that linger and smiles that are traded from my lips to 
yours as they meet in a kiss. 

Love is the sound of waves breaking on rocks and wind gushing through
trees and the notes of our song and your name on my lips. 

Love is the meeting of souls that are thousands of times older and wiser
than we are. 

Love is me throwing myself at you, my youth, my passion, my exuberance,
my heart and soul, my strengths and frailties, and knowing you will 
catch me. 

Love is me opening my arms to you and opening my heart to you and all
that you are and all that you've been or will be, and to all that you 

Love is offering all that I can give and risking everything that I have.

Love is deciding to live. 

**To the man you are in your dreams... from the woman I am in mine.  I
love you.**


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