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He Said Goodnight (standard:romance, 431 words)
Author: SareAdded: Dec 01 2001Views/Reads: 2926/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
He closed, each night, with a line of kisses...

He said goodnight. 

He closed, each time, with a line of kisses, a string stretching from
his lips to hers, across valleys and mountains, leaving his breath on 
angels’ flights to seek her out and deliver them to her. 

Tonight was different somehow.  She stared at the line of kisses and his
hurried “I love you” and wondered if tonight her pleading had reached 
him somehow... if it had somehow broken the barrier of distance that 
hung between them. 

She’d wanted him to make love to her, to take her in his arms and give
her what only he was capable of.  She’d wanted to be lifted high above 
the clouds on a gust of wind and to meet him up there, to dance with 
him there, to be with him there. 

They would dance on a moonbeam and have stars for candles... they would
watch comets streak past and laugh at their uniqueness... who else 
could make love among the stars... who else could float past Jupiter in 
orgasmic bliss... who else could see as they did? 

Their uniqueness set them apart, it always had.  They had led difficult
lives far from each other but something had brought them together this 
far.  It was up to them to bridge the final gap.  Tonight she wondered 
if he was closer to making that leap... 

She felt that she was waiting for him on the other side of a gully...
and all he had to do was take a terrific leap of faith... a leap that 
she herself had already taken... and he would be here with her, and in 
her arms. 

That same uniqueness that taught them to soar above the clouds... that
same uniqueness that made them stare into the candles’ flames and watch 
the ocean’s waves... that same uniqueness that drew them so laboriously 
together... that same uniqueness was keeping them apart somehow... 

There was no one to whom they could turn for advice... no one who could
understand their flights among the stars... no one to know how they 
felt and how terribly difficult is was for them.  Except each other. 

He closed, each night, with a line of kisses... straight from his lips
on angels’ wings, flying to her to be savoured one at a time... to keep 
warm on the long winter nights... to push back the pangs of 
loneliness... to kindle a spark of hesitant hope... someday. 

Someday we will fly, above the clouds and among the stars... where our
hearts will swell as we cling tightly to each other and dance along the 


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