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Campfire (standard:science fiction, 258 words)
Author: CoyAdded: Dec 02 2001Views/Reads: 2101/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A campfire in the woods is a new experience for these two.


Two campers sitting around a campfire... There is a crackling fire
lighting up the evening darkness.  Several sparks fly upwards into the 
air, most only a foot or two, some a little more.  It is early summer 
and the weather is absolutely comfortable.  It is a perfect night. 

543, the largest camper says, "384, the meat is going to be burned on
one side and raw on the other". 

384 reluctantly moves over to the fire and gives the spit a quarter

The meat oils dripping onto the coals creates a pungent but delicious
odor over the area.  A long sticky strand of spittle leaks from the 
front of 384's lower jaw and dangles towards the ground.  His tongue 
flicks out and senses more of the smoke particles. 

The sound of traffic on the highway can barely be heard in the distance.

"Do you believe those study implants that say our ancestors didn't cook
their meat?", 384 asked. 

"It does seem strange, doesn't it?  I suppose there must be some truth
to it though, the study implants are carefully reviewed for accuracy 
against all known data before being used....  Hell, I don't know, why 
question the past?  We are here and we have a mission to accomplish." 
replied 543. 

They patiently wait for this strange delicacy to finish roasting. 

The young girl on the spit crackles and oozes as she nears medium well
done. 543 and 384's jaws water in anticipation..  "Maybe Earth is not 
such a bad prospect after all" 384 murmurs mostly to itself. 


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