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Focusing on Today (standard:poetry, 468 words)
Author: KathyAdded: Dec 20 2001Views/Reads: 2614/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Stream of conscience poem written in class while the teacher made us listen to weird music...

What's the point of this.  I'd never listen to this but I have to.  Not
as bad as I thought though.  The screaming in the background is killing 
me here.  Why are we made to do this exactly, what's it going to 
accomplish?  When you think about it, there's no point  to anything 
really.  Why would we write this.  Alright then.  Olden times. 

Golden days don't seem so great.  So why does everyone look back and
compare now to then?  Can't they just life for now instead of making 
our generation feel like crap?  Cause when you really ponder, I mean 
really, isn't it them that made the world as it is today??  So how can 
they blame us for the crime, the hate , the rage.  It's not our fault 
we're children of people who didn't really care.  Let them be free, we 
won't raise them right, but it'll all be their fault so it's alright. 

No regrets, that's the way it should be.  Not all the bull of what is
you had done this, guess what...that's already happened, it's in the 
past.  Yeah we can learn from it but what's all the fuss about what 
could've been done to prevent things when we should be focusing on 
today and what we can do now. 

We hear stories over and over again, stories we don't wanna hear, but we
have to be polite and listen.  Doesn't really make sense why.  If I 
don't wanna listen I shouldn't have to.  I don't wanna hear the 
stories, don't wanna hear about how things used to be, no one does.  If 
they do it's just cause they can't handle life. 

Nothing is as bad as we think it is.  People freak out over the
stupidest things, good or bad, and expect others to be so happy for 
them.  But why should we even care.  No one really cares about anyone 
other than themselves or anything that doesn't really have to do with 
them.  The only people in the world who really care are parents, and 
that's only about their own kids.  And no one even knows anyone else.  
The entire world is full of pretences and still most people are happy.  
How can I be happy in such a crappy world.  It seems impossible when 
you take a look at things.  But remarkably I am.  What's strange is 
that you do care for other people.  Not too many, but you still do.  
Maybe it's the way someone was brought u or maybe it's just in them. I 
don't understand it, it's so out there, in your face that the world 
sucks and that all the previous statements are true, but we as humans 
beings defy theses concepts, I dunno how it can be true, or why it's 
false. Either way...whatever.


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