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Serendipity (standard:romance, 683 words)
Author: KathyAdded: Dec 25 2001Views/Reads: 3211/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
there is always someone special

"I love you," i said.  "But that just isn't enough, not now," I tried to

I had been going with him for over a year and had finally decided to
break it off.  I felt as though I would never get over him and that he 
was the one I was supposed to be with forever.  It got messed up along 
the way somehow.  I started wanting more and he couldn't give it.  We 
were too different and I was growing up.  No matter how hard I tried to 
explain to him that I still liked him it wasn't enough.  Although I was 
the one to break it off, I cried. 

One of my best friends was there to comfort me.  I had known him for six
years and we had been through our ups and downs but were still friends. 
 He saw the softer side of me that day, a side that not too many people 
get to see. 

When I got home that day I was sad and in a horrible mood.  I saw the
picture of my ex and cried, my heart sunk.  I couldn't help thinking I 
had made a horrible mistake and I couldn't talk about it.  Starting the 
next day things got better. 

I started talking to someone I had really liked for seven months but
hadn't dont anything about because I was with the guy I had just 
dumped.  The more I talked to him the more I liked him.  That night I 
was talking to a friend of mine on the net.  We were talking about 
webcams and I remembered a collage I had made when my ex was over and 
opened it.  It was a collection of pictures taken of him from different 
angles.  I opened the file and felt nothing; and they were good 
pictures of him, the best he had ever taken.  I suddenly realized that 
I hadn't really loved him.  I was over him.  I had been over him for a 
long time. 

Almost two weeks had gone by and I was talking more often with my not so
new interest.  We found out we had mutual feelings when a friend of 
mine told him what I felt.  Our relationship grew stronger after that.  
I had never felt about anyone the way I felt about him, and it didn't 

We started going out, and have been for almost a month.  He is the most
wonderful person I have ever met.  I never thought I'd love again, or 
at least not get over my ex.  I was proved wrong.  I would never love 
again because I had not been in love, not even strong like. 

What was the point of writing this you may ask.  No real point.  I could
be spending my Christmas Eve doing things that much need to be done.  
But this came into my head and I just started typing. 

Maybe it's the Christmas spirit that's got me, I don't really know.  But
I've never felt so happy.  He's perfect and I don't know what I've done 
to deserve this.  It must have been something real good, because things 
like this don't really happen that often. 

There really aren't any words to describe the way I feel when I'm around
him, or when I think about him.  How can you really describe a feeling? 

There is someone out there for you, not matter what you may think right
now, or what you are going through.  That special person will come into 
your life, maybe when you least expect it, but it'll happen.  Maybe 
it'll work out, maybe it won't.  You have to enjoy it while you have 
it.  Don't look back and regret, don't look forward and plan.  Live 
your life for today.  And show them how you really feel.  It will make 
all the difference. 

"I don't love you, I never did love you, and THAT'S why it wasn't
enough.  For if it truly were love, it would have been enough." 

Live today, love today, and be sure not to throw it all away. 



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