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One Evening (standard:romance, 1397 words)
Author: Freya GriffinAdded: Jan 01 2002Views/Reads: 2108/1279Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
If you burry your heart under a pile of snow, would it stop beating? Would it make the blood stop flowing? Would it make the pain go away? Would it kill you? .... Would it preserve the life it has within?

It was freezing cold outside but Sara insisted they have to meeet by the
bench in the park. When she said this, she meant the bench where they 
usually sit and enjoyed the sun on summers, talking about nothing and 
everything. Michael never complained, and he didn’t complain about the 
thick snow, or the fact that the cold wind blows so hard he hardly 
could see anything, and the long journey back from London still left 
him a bit of jetlag. Sara said they have to meet. They have to meet by 
the bench at exactly seven PM. She never stood up on Michael, so if 
she’s late by 10 minutes or so it’s probably because of all the snow. 

But Sara was already there when Michael arrived. She stood there like a


She looked up at Michael and smiled. ‘Hi’ 

‘What’s wrong? You said you wanna talk about something?’, and it sounded

‘Yeah, well... I just want to talk to you’ 

She could talk by the phone, or invited him over to her apartment, or
asked to meet in a café or somewhere. Somewhere more comfortable and 
warm then standing under the blizzards in a park. 

‘Let’s go to Lizzie’s. Its warmer there, and I sure could use some
coffee right now’, Michael held out his hand. Usually she would take it 
an dthey would walk to Lizzie’s, which is not too far, and sit there 
talking about nothing and everything when it’s too cold to sit in the 
park. This time she just shook her head and stayed where she stood. 

‘Sara, it’s freezing cold here. Come before I froze into a huge
human-icicle and then you have to drag me around. I am heavy you know’, 
he smiled to her. 

‘Won’t take long’, she said after pausing a little while. Something
suddenly made Michael felt that the snowstorm is happening inside him 
and frozen his entire inner organ. 


She watched him looking all confused and worried and felt so warm
inside. This guy was the only reason she could face tomorrow. She had 
to do this. Sooner or later she had to do this. She knew this would 
hurt him more then she was hurt by it. But this is the only chance. Her 
only chance to get away with it. Although she knew so well there is no 
way to get away from something like that. From pain. 

The wind grew more fiercely. Michael by now grabbed her by her shoulders
and asked her repeatedly what is wrong with her. 

As if the cold has numbed her. 

‘Do yo remember the first time we ever sit in this bench together?’, she

‘Yes. You walked your dog and so was I. And Russel and Biff got friends
to eachother and so are we’ 

Actually Michael had seen her several times before. He was new in the
block, just moved in from his old apartment up north. He got Biff in 
the compound and walked the energetic golden retriever every afternoon, 
hoping he would meet the girl with deep emerald eyes. 

Sara smiled. Her big glassy eyes looked sad. Michael was getting

‘Did I do something to make you upset? Did anyone do something that made
you upset? Are you OK? What’s wrong, Sara? Tell me and let me help you’ 

How can she not tell him the truth? She jst stood there in the freezing
cold and scared Michael to death. Something is wrong. 

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