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Captain Tornado (standard:adventure, 550 words)
Author: Freya GriffinAdded: Jan 01 2002Views/Reads: 2068/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
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We called him Captain Tornado. I can’t remember why. His real name was
quite handsome, Kevin Norwood. And he’s not bad either on the look 
department. He lived across the street, five houses to the left from 
where we lived. I passed his house every day going and returning from 
school. That part of the street offers shades from the thick branches 
of trees. 

Captain Tornado was born only 26 days apart from me. We didn’t go to the
same school. He went to one of those prep schools with fancy uniform. 
He thought it sucks. I think it’s cool. Beside it was co-ed so he 
shouldn’t whine too much about it. If my parents could afford it I 
would probably go there voluntarily. He thought I was crazy. 

He played ice hockey in his school team, maybe it was the reason he was
called Captain Tornado. I mean, it would make sense, he played one of 
the most violent sports, and he probably was the captain of the team, 
and his big skeletal figure, so it must’ve came from there. I never saw 
him played, he never asked me to. 

I started calling him Kevin on the second summer on the street since my
father decided we should move to a better part of the city sub-urban. 
Mrs. Berri had a garage sale and both of our parents had sent us to 
help the friendly old lady because she had nobody to help her since her 
husband died. A terrible death, Mr. Berri was choked on his dinner in a 
restaurant. They didn’t sue the poor sweaty restaurant manager, who 
then started to squeal when he found out the menu killed a costumer. He 
was quite old, and it was an accident. 

‘Lisa, Kevin Norwood is here. He thought you should go with him to Mrs.
Berri’s house’, Mother yelled from the stairs. 

How thoughtful. The Berris house is only three houses away. And yet he
bothered to pick me up. ‘Coming, mom’ 

Captain Tornado stood by the couch on the lounge, looking stiff, like
usual. He could’ve been the most wanted boy-next-door hadn’t his hair 
flaming red. It makes him looked twice paler then he should. 

‘Hi. You should’ve called first’, I said to him. He didn’t get the joke.
Never mind. 

‘So, I thought you’d be somewhere vacationing in Cote D'Azure or
somewhere all summer’, I told him as we walk to the Berris house. 

‘No, I don’t like beaches, far too hot’ 

Yeah, probably would made him look like he’s on fire. A gigantic crab,
boiling red from head to toe. 

‘Then go skiing’ 

He didn’t say anything, just staring down at me looking annoyed. I was
only as tall as his chest, so he probably thought I was somekind of a 
pesky little rat right now. Bothering his peace of mind with stupid 
questions. I wondered if he ever date anyone. His type was probably one 
of those cold-blooded geeks who said nothing until the end unless 

‘Do you date a lot, Capt?’ 

He sounded like he was about to cough off something, but didn’t. I
noticed his ears were starting to go crimson red. Hey, this guy is 
cute. I decided to have some fun while helping Mrs. Berri with her 
garage sale. 


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