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The Light of Truth The Light that Blinds (standard:mystery, 1958 words)
Author: Laffin' Cat CreationsAdded: Sep 28 2000Views/Reads: 2377/1581Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The Illuminati is an age old conspiracy, and they are after one man.

When the phone rang, I was sitting down after a long day at Crying Dog
Creations, the Software Company where I work. I hate that name, Crying 
Dog; it sounds so sick and inhumane. I had just been about to reread my 
favorite short story, One of the Secret Masters, but I figured the 
phone in the background would just annoy me while I was trying to read, 
so I answered it. 


“Hi. Is this Tony?” the caller answered. 

“Yeah... Who’s this?” I asked. Then I wondered if I should have said who
I was without knowing who was on the other end of the phone line. 

“Oh, good. It’s Nick, from high school. Do you remember me?” 

“Hey, man. How’s it going? Yeah I remember you.” I said. Nick had been
one of the people who I saw everyday and was friendly with, but I 
really never knew that well. He had always been quiet and in my mind a 
little odd. 

“Uh... not very good... is there any chance I can come and see you?” 

“Sure. It’s fine with me; it’d be nice to catch up with you after all
these years. How’s tomorrow around three sound?” 

“Uh... well, actually, I was thinking more along the lines of tonight.
Soon if possible.” 

I looked at my small clock above the TV, which read 7:30 PM, so I
decided it was fine with me. I had just started a diet so I really 
didn’t mind missing dinner, but it did occur to me that requesting an 
immediate meeting after talking to someone for the first time in years 
was more than a little unusual. “Sure,” I said, “Come over whenever you 

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” he answered and then the line went dead. 

Sure enough, at the moment my clock struck 7:40, my doorbell rang. 

“Hi, Nick, it’s nice to see you after so long,” I said, and meant it, it
really was nice to see an old school friend even if I didn’t know him 
too well. 

“Anthony, I’ve gotta hurry I can’t stay here for long. Why don’t we sit
down.” The way he said it, it was not a question but a command. That 
surprised me, not so much for the fact that he was inviting me to sit 
down, and ordering me around in my own house after it had been years 
since we last met, but because the Nicholas I knew never had it in him 
to so much as ask someone to borrow a pencil if he needed it, never 
mind actually order someone to do something. 

“OK,” I said, “Nick, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?” 

“I came here to warn you, Anthony, that they are after you. Why? I have
no idea. But for some reason your name came up and they’re looking for 

“Nick, first off, who are they? And secondly, how do you know this?” I
was beginning to feel quite a bit uneasy with this whole situation. I 
mean, who knows what could have happened to him during all the years 
since I last had seen him. He could have had a break down or some other 
condition. I mean what he was saying, ‘they’, it sounded more like the 
ravings of a schizophrenic than the quiet statements that I remembered 
coming from Nick. 

“They’re the Illuminati. I used to work for them. After I graduated from
MIT they recruited me.” 

He then proceeded to give me what seemed like the history of the world.
He claimed that the Illuminati had been around for thousands of years. 
He said that the exact time formation of the Illuminati was disputed 
among its members and factions but that there were three main theories. 
The first faction claimed that Brutus, after killing Caesar but before 
committing suicide, had formed the group to watch over Rome to guard it 

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