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An empty life (standard:drama, 509 words)
Author: DarenAdded: Sep 29 2000Views/Reads: 2558/4Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A lonely and depressed man reflects on his life.

Jack sits on his bed, a gun lying next to him, and a single bullet in
his hand. Thoughts race through his mind as he slowly rocks back and 
forth. His face keeps twisting in all sorts of odd contortions as he 
ponders what he’s doing. Random thoughts from the past come up on his 
mind like lighting strikes. He sees some good times here and there, and 
his face would brighten a little at those thoughts. 

Then Jack clenches the bullet harder within his hand. The bad memories
were also coming into his mind. Jack kept gripping the bullet harder in 
his hand until his knuckles were ghost white, he kept thinking that the 
little bullet in his hand was the answer to it all. Funny how something 
so little can do so much... 

It all seemed to damn easy to Jack, that by raising that little bullet
to his head all of his pain would end. Jack slowly picks up the gun, 
and slightly caresses it as he puts his bullet in it.  He starts to 
wonder if anyone would miss him. Certainly his bitch neighbor with the 
whiny ass dog. He knew his parents wouldn’t care. His dad had died 
years ago from drug abuse and his mom was always to drunk to care. His 
work would certainly care for about 10 minutes, until the found a 
replacement for him. He had no wife and his best friend had gotten run 
over the day before. He had loved that cat, but that bitch neighbor had 
run over it. 

Jack shrugs and his face makes some more odd contortions as more
memories come to his mind. Jack began to wonder what his meaningless 
life was for. Jack finishes putting the bullet in the chamber and a 
small click can be heard echoing in the room as he pulls back the 
trigger. More bad memories come to Jack as he sits there shaking. 
Street gangs, violent prisons, bad drug withdrawals, he still can’t 
figure what his life is for. He starts to wonder where God is at this 
point. He begins to hope that there is such a thing as God, since he’s 
about to come meet him. 

Jack slowly raises the gun to his head and says out loud, “I should have
thought of this sooner. It’s so easy to get rid of my loneliness and 
pain...” The pain will all be gone soon, no more pain.... No more 
pain... As Jack begins to pull the trigger, happy thoughts being to 
race forward. His friend Bob playing kick ball with him in the fields 
behind school... no wait Bob was brutally killed and mugged not to long 
after that. Then Jack thinks of Katie, all the moral support she gave 
him when his dad had died. No, Katie had run off with another man while 
Jack was grieving. Jack finally had enough, he whimpered one last time 
as his realization that the world doesn’t give a shit about him came 
forth. Then Jack pulls the trigger.... 



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