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Tub Thumping (standard:drama, 541 words)
Author: LawlessAdded: Jan 16 2002Views/Reads: 2090/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short on the dangers of not cleaning your bathtub. I recommend using Comet cleanser. That stuff is amazing. This story is not all fiction...

I walked to the bathroom wearing nothing but my towel... 

I was still against the whole idea of showering in my friends house.  I
wanted to wait until I got home to clean myself up, but we had time now 
to freshen up between jobs and Kurt's apartment was much closer than 
mine.  We still had two more errands to do out in Parkdale before our 
route crossed near where I lived in South Beach.  Kurt insisted that 
since we had gone out to the clubs last night, and had only just come 
home a few hours ago, that the smells and smoke eminating from the two 
of us were too foul to bring out anyplace else this morning.  With that 
I agreed to the shower and asked Kurt if I could borrow a towel. I 
slipped out of my towel, and slipped into the shower.  I didn't like to 
use other people's showers for some reason.  It just felt creepy I 
guess. Today was no different, I just wanted to be done.  I decided I 
would quickly finish up and get the hell out of there.  I lathered up 
the soap bar, and began cleansing only the ten most important of my 
2000 parts.  I wanted to finish and get out for now, then if need be, I 
would take another shower when I got home later. I closed my eyes and 
began to rinse the shampoo from my scalp.  As the suds ran down my 
naked body and into the basin below I began warming up to the whole 
situation.  It was just another tub, and just another shower.  I 
dismissed the worry I had held inside, and began to calm down.  I 
lathered the bar one more time so I could scrub my shoulders but as I 
did the small slippery rectangle - smelling faintly like a forrest of 
pine trees - jumped from my hands, then flew over my head and behind 
me.  I turned to see it fall on the back slope of the tub and begin 
sliding forward towards the drain.  I turned back facing frontwards 
again, to see the bar of soap run its final two feet of travel before 
it hit the whirlpool at the tub's end.  As I turned though, my right 
foot slid out from under me due to the combination of soap suds and 
soap scum caked on the bottom of the tub.  The several uses of the tub 
without any recent cleanings may have been the ultimate culprit.  I 
lost my balance and started to fall.  Upon reflex I put my arms out to 
my sides to brace my fall, I caught nothing short of the flimsy clear 
plastic shower curtain.  That thin curtain ripped like wet paper.  Rip, 
rip, rip, until the last hook.  The last hook did catch and did give 
some resistance, but only for a second, then the whole curtain rod came 
down with it.  Down I went.  I continued to fall before I landed hard 
on my back.  The fast motion downward with strong contributions from 
gravity then suddenly all stopped by the tub's surface below also sent 
my head whipping backwards until it too hit the tub hard. 

With that I fell unconscious... 


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